We are not afraid of what we think we are afraid of… We are afraid of what we think. We think we are experiencing reality but what we are really experiencing is our thinking. How would you like a reset?”

Phobia Treatment

One in ten people has a phobia so bad it affects their daily life. Do you dream of going on holiday but fear you can’t fly on a plane?
Does the thought of motorway driving, fill you with dread?

Phobia treatment with Natalie is a unique fusion of NLP and Hypnotherapy to help you reset your natural default in being ok faster than you may imagine, oftentimes in a single session. Are you stuck in a rut, co-dependant, have fears of being alone, or the opposite agoraphobic? Carrying a constant apprehension of going into public places?  

The most common phobia ahead of death, spiders, or heights is the fear of public speaking. Do you get butterflies in your stomach, a dry mouth or a racing heart when you think of this? Phobia Treatment with a fusion of NLP and Hypnotherapy has proven it doesn’t have to be this way and change is fast.

We can all experience fear at some point in our life however fear is meant to pass just like all emotions are meant to guide us in the moment and then pass.

We were only born with two fears, a fear of sudden loud noises and falling. Any other fear is either learnt or it happens in response to ideas that we’ve created after trauma and continue to relate to. They can seem worse over time but it doesn’t matter how long you’ve had a phobia, they are quick to get and they are SUPER QUICK TO GO!

phobia treatment Bournemouth

It’s like moving into a new paradigm reality where you see things with more clarity for what they are, you can take a sigh of relief as normality is reset.

If you sense that you’ve wasted enough time with any sort of phobia or irrational fear and are READY FOR A SHIFT to move on phobia treatment is available to you to make that decision.

Natalie offers Hypnotherapy, NLP, Quantum Healing and Life Coaching locally in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, and across Dorset as well as from much further afield, including London, the South West and Internationally via Zoom for Online Life Coaching.

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