QHHT including Past Life Regression

Quantum Healing is more than Past Life Regression. Trained by the founder Dolores Cannon Natalie is a Level 3 QHHT Practitioner. Also supporting Dolores and Julia Cannon when she trained in the UK and continues to help with voice coaching and companion training of new students of QHHT.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy® is More than Past Life Regression. true QHHT is only facilitated in person as Dolores Cannon the founder Advised.

Natalie Hall Level 3 QHHT Practitioner and was trained in person by the famous hypnotherapist and author Dolores Cannon in 2011 through all levels. Natalie supported Dolores and her daughter Julia when they trained in the UK and continues to help with the voice coaching of Quantum Healing students and Companion Classes. With thousands of sessions facilitated to date Natalie is continually intrigued by these sessions.

Natalie also includes a monthly separate Group Past Life Regression and Meeting Your Guide or Guardian Angel Master Classe online via zoom and a Hypno-Healing Monthly Master Class, these have been well received as a great way to warm up to your Quantum Healing session, or simply intriguing just to explore on their own as the Group Past Life Regression and Meeting Your Guide or Guardian Angel Master Class were both also designed by Dolores Cannon. Please take a look at the Master Class page and register your interest by making contact.


Exploring multi-dimensionality

Possibly one of the most catalysing experiences of your life. Quantum Healing is an amazing journey in consciousness, your connection to finding that all your answers and healing lie within.

After your enquiry you will receive a helpful and detailed follow-up email and from there you may choose to receive a free 15 minute zoom consultation. You can also reach out to Natalie at any time.

QHHT Preparation and Background

Interested in Quantum Healing? If you have a desire for clarity in taking the steps to move forwards in your life in the most fulfilling way, or have a curiosity to know more about where you are from, why you are here and questions about the connections you have with the people in your life, or if you would like insight into your work, or have health issues you may be interested in exploring this through your personal Quantum Healing session.

Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of who you are and the point of it all? Have you become disillusioned in life, of humanity? Have you always felt different to others and especially now? It is now more evident that humanity is in the midst of a profound evolutionary shift in all dimensions of our cultural life and in our human condition. You may wish to align with your innate wisdom and wellbeing to navigate your life’s path. Would you like to know your soul purpose? The soul contracts you came here with? Why you chose your parents? Relationships? Karma? Forgiveness? Metaphysical insights? Gain some answers to deeply held questions? Resources and gifts you can utilise? Quantum Healing offers you your personal truth and insights.

What to expect in your QHHT session.

What to expect in your Quantum Healing session: QHHT is usually around four hours+ in duration with Natalie, as the hypnosis portion is around 2 hours dependant on you and what comes up. The rest of the time will be when you arrive in your pre-talk about your background and what you would like to gain from your session. You can discuss your questions for Natalie to ask your Subconscious.

After your session you may decide to walk the gardens and tree lined stream opposite where Natalie lives that can take you to Bournemouth Town Centre or the beautiful beaches nearby as this will help you to gently ground yourself and process your session.

QHHT founder Dolores with Natalie Hall
This photo was taken on a Quantum Healing Training day where Natalie Hall was asked to come and help and be used for the new students to practice on, it was enlightening with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy founder, regressionist and author Dolores Cannon many years ago.

wonder of quantum Healing

A one-off single amazing session, a unique journey of self-discovery to support your personal growth. The deeper state of trance is accessed through visualisation and your sensory experience. This is a natural extremely relaxing state which under ordinary circumstances is experienced twice daily; the moment just before you drift off to sleep, and the moment just before you become consciously awake. Within this QHHT session an infinitely knowledgeable and powerful aspect of each individual can be contacted and communicated with, it’s always present with us and exists just below the surface of our conscious mind, many would usually refer to it as our intuition, heart knowing or gut feeling.

The Subconscious at this level is also known as the Higher Self or our innate wisdom it’s all love, always with us and always guiding us through intuition within the peaceful space between our thoughts when the mind settles.

The wonder of QHHT

past life regression

Within a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session, the Subconscious selects the experience to be explored which is relevant to the current life. Usually this includes a Past Life Regression, a Parallel Life experience or a Future Life Progression. Often times more than one of these can be explored. Insights brought to the surface can release emotional triggers and are processed so you no longer experience outdated repetitious patterns of behaviours that may have been blocking or effecting you in some way. Equally the experience is a catalyst to super charge your perspective in just how infinite and amazing you really are. There is an energetic exchange experienced by most with some people reporting ease of physical ailments, healing where appropriate and improvement in wellbeing. Oftentimes the Higher Self gives guidance on how to further improve health and wellbeing and also ongoing connection and growth.


We all live in our own thought created realities, the mind creates its own matrix of reality and we act as if it’s real. If the inside is not comfortable, it’s not the outside that needs to be addressed. This is an inside out understanding. As soon as you begin recognising thought, and distinguish between the dream, the thinking and the problem resolution can happen.

Quantum Healing offers a deep perspective of the story that’s been running and invites you to have a broad angled lens of awareness of any themes, cast of characters and agreements therefore a broad perspective of the play of life that invites a fresh new way of navigating. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, we’re all made of the same life force. When we recognise that in another we feel deeply connected as we find a space beyond beliefs, a fresh page…

Feedback directly after the session is often


People say they feel lighter, like a load has been lifted, more expansive, enabling clarity and flow to emerge. There’s a familiarity of the true expansive self, so no more playing small from this point!

Check out the following link to the daughter of Dolores, Julia Cannon interviewing me oN The Metaphysical Hour Radio Show:

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