Transformative Life Coaching


Transformative Life Coaching, NLP, Strategic Intervention in person sessions in Dorset and Online Life Coaching via Zoom.

Transformative Life Coaching is a creative exploration. Creating insights and connecting your capacity for fresh thought.

Transformative Life Coaching isn’t about just getting better at a specific task; empowerment comes from being the truest most authentic you on a good day. To help you get out of your head and into your life.

Transformative Life Coaching seems a more gentle deeper style than Performance Coaching. Instead of just getting better at ‘something’, YOU will actually get better and influence all areas of your life you show up in. This way you ignite inspiration to fuel your life from within, enabling the change at a source level rather than just a single action level. The inside out approach ignites the creative spark that offers ease, clarity and flow.

My role as a Life Coach and catalyst is to help you with insights possibly beyond what you have thought and assist your incredible creative potential to surface. When we are in touch with that part of ourselves an effortless ease is available to us, we are wise, empowered, filled with innate love and creatively engage with life. The spark is there for a life of love that starts with you.

You’ll have the opportunity to gain insights and an expanded sense of self enabling a fresh new way of being in the world.

As one of my mentors the ‘Super Coach’ Michael Neill says “Your true nature is not to play small, depressed, self-obsessed, or anxious, some things are just habit, when you scare yourself with your thoughts, winding yourself up, stressing yourself out, or pressuring yourself these ways are just habitual and not a good idea, these ways are not even real. The invitation is in waking up to you, being natural, embracing your innate wisdom, your innate intelligence. The real you.”

As an experienced Life Coach of 18 years, Natalie facilitates Transformative Life Coaching locally in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, and across Dorset as well as much further afield, including London, the South West and Internationally via Zoom for Online Life Coaching.

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