Neuro Linguistic Programming



Like most things there are advances in what works and this includes the new school of NLP where the focus is on resetting not replacing the positive intent of any habitual behaviour. This means your change will be authentic to you because it will come from you. You’ve probably heard the saying that we have all the resources we could ever need within us and that is very true.

NLP offers practical benefits of cultivating inner happiness and real world success. Simple effective ways to move beyond depression, beat stress, overcome anxiety, phobias and trauma and reap the rewards of feeling happy.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and uses perceptual, behavioural and communication techniques to make it easier to change thoughts, feelings and actions. Further more NLP offers a way of appreciating your true authentic self with a clear sense of purpose.

You could think of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as an owner’s manual for the human brain. It’s the study of how we think, feel and act, it’s more about ‘how’ rather than ‘why’ people get the results they do. The focus is on ‘generative’ change, which empowers you and to achieve more in every area of your life.

The magic of working with NLP is that many find that as they make a break through in one area of life, problems in other areas seem to disappear or seem less important. One of the things that often surprises people about NLP is the speed with which many problems can be resolved. Solving one’s problems is all about learning at the subconscious level, which is where it makes the difference.

One of the big differences between NLP and other approaches is that NLP concentrates on the structure of experience, rather than the content. How you think about something is at least as important as what you think about. The insights of NLP are being successfully used in business, education, sales, sports psychology, and health care, as well as therapy, coaching and self-improvement.

It may be interesting to realise that every time we revisit a memory in our present reality, we change it with a different viewpoint from our current perspective and this is influenced with NLP in minutes. The subconscious mind only wants to protect us. Even when the objective result of what it does is harmful, it believes it’s doing it for our own greater good. In NLP we keep the positive intent but reset a new behaviour. Because as long as your subconscious is fulfilling the positive intent it’s happy and a better way of being is established. 

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In Shara’s words we worked on the emotions that were entrenched in a lack of self worth that lead her to discomfort and not being able to flow with comfort. This single session of NLP released the entanglement of emotions that were frozen in time and unfreeze them. Shara confirmed she now has a presence that feels larger and has pleasure for being in the world!

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