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Everyone’s doing the best they can, given the level of thinking that looks real to them”

Relationship Coach

A wise person once said the most important choice you make is what you choose to make important. Fulfilment comes from within and as humans, we enjoy being understood, having a real connection, experiencing acceptance and having intimacy. At times our relationships can seem to cause the most pain or the most pleasure, however, these diverse experiences are triggered by our subjective thinking.

In a relatively short time, you will become aware of just how much you influence your experiences. You’ll gain an understanding of how your subjective experience of the world really works and in the process, you’ll elevate your self-worth and your relationships without the need to control or to hold on and create a positive impact in the lives of those close to you.

Relationship Life Coaching will emerge with you, whether you prefer that on a one-to-one basis or together with your partner. We will draw on Transformative Life Coaching, NLP and Strategic Intervention to develop a deeper awareness of your true self and your partner’s deepest needs.

Strategic Intervention is a way to identify and understand the emotional patterns and relationship dynamics that cause anxiety, insecurity, conflict and lack of direction. As a Relationship Coach Natalie will help you enjoy undoing these patterns and dynamics easily so that you can experience more love and the relationship you deserve.

Relationship Coach Bournemouth

There are three levels of relationship and there are six psychological human needs driving behaviours. When we learn what drives us and those close to us, we can realise there is an invitation to grow and develop more understanding, better communication and deeper connection.

Relationship Coaching offers the insight that everyone is living in the feeling of their thinking. We spend most of our time in a relationship with our own thinking whether it’s about them or not, and very little time actually being present with them, without very much on our mind.

The sheer volume of thoughts and stories of the past or fearful thinking of a future event that hasn’t even happened yet, can cloud awareness and effect our emotional state causing perceived difficulties.

“The head doesn’t always have the answers but the heart always does.”

What if there was something inside you that knew what to do, even when you thought – you don’t know what to do?  That knew your best ideas don’t come in the midst of frustration and upset. Your best ideas always come in a quieter place, in a more reflective place when you’ve settled down and have taken a fresh look.

As a Relationship Coach in Bournemouth, my local clients travel from Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch & the surrounding areas of Dorset, Hampshire and London. I also offer online Life Coaching Internationally via Zoom.

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