As a Qualified Hypnotherapist since 2004, Strategic Intervention Life Coach, NLP Trainer and member of the CNHC I facilitate positive change in the shortest time frames.

Natalie Hall, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach in Bournemouth & Poole, Dorset

My purpose here is to help you gain deep self awareness, release any emotional charge that may have held you back, unlock inspiration and create the best life you deserve!

Hypnotherapist in Bournemouth, Dorset

I trained as a Hypnotherapist at The Atkinson Ball College of Hypnotherapy & HypnoHealing and received my DABCH Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy and Hypno-Healing in 2004. We are often led by our emotions and our conditioning they act as our personal Sat Nav. These processes access the power of the mind for freedom from outdated programmes. Over time we may have numbed or suppressed certain aspects of ourselves which we may sense as some sort of block or void looking to be fulfilled and many go through life looking for an external fix however the solution is internal fulfilment. I find it exciting that it is easy to learn from the past without carrying the emotional load nor having to continually focus on it, it is possible to release outdated triggers and be present, empowered and clear. Healing is about becoming whole. Wholeness frees up energy, clarity and joy. We attract that which we are focussed on most but we also attract what we have disowned and suppressed. For fulfilment we need to bring some light to the dark for true freedom and self direction. Rapid transformational change is facilitated within your initial double hypnotherapy session of 2 hours or 1.5 hours. You’ll leave with a sense of being lighter, more positive and motivated. You’ll take home processes to continue as whatever thought, emotion, action or behaviour we repeat becomes our sense of reality. You may receive written guidelines, and your personalised recording to support you.

Quantum Healing 

As a Level 3 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Practitioner™ I was trained in 2011 by the founder of QHHT, Dolores Cannon, whom is also the author of approximately 20 fantastic mind opeing books and seen interviewed numerous times on YouTube detailing amazing client QHHT session experiences.
After telling me about your current life and highlighting to me 5 to 6 of your life questions that you would like answered by your Subconscious (some call this the Higher Self or Over Soul as it knows all there is to know about you and is all love), the induction continues with a unique method of self discovery through your past life regression (often more than one and sometimes is a parallel life, current life or even a future life progression). Most experience a beautiful energy exchange and some report health or physical benefits. The purpose of QHHT varies between individuals, ultimately it is the Subconscious chooses what to give you and often an awareness of something that happened in a previous life releases emotional or habitual patterns in this life, and provides resources that are beneficial to your wellbeing. Many report a sense of energetic expansion or heart opening, or an empowered sense of self, this can enable a higher perspective of oneself and life purpose.

Life Coach

I’ve been trained by the Anthony Robbins founder of Life Coaching and Strategic Family Therapist Cloe Madanes, qualifying in 2014 as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach and Relationship Coach. I gained my first certificate in Life Coaching in 2006.
As a Life Coach I will support you in attaining your goals, realise your fullest potential, clarify what excites you, the emotions that drive your behaviours and results with Human Needs Psychology. Learn processes to navigate and add momentum to your life whilst listening and understanding and taking action on your deepest needs. You will learn how to update your true values that you desire at this stage in your life and have more clarity and fulfilment.


I’ve been a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer for over 12 years. I trained with Sue Knight International NLP Trainer and Author of NLP at Work. Ultimately NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a way of being, and not just a set of processes that create fast positive change aligning yourself congruently with who you really are and can be. NLP creates excellence in thinking, language and behaviour. Given the right resources you can understand more about what you are doing that works, and also what does not work for you, so that you know how to recreate more of what you do want. NLP quickly defines what you can do in these areas to update your current reality to one you love. We will deep dive into the messages behind your emotions that want to be heard and release any traumas from the past, ultimately to build your desired outcomes. Have an increased awareness of yourself and an understanding also of others, learn influence skills, master your state management and align yourself with what matters, therefore positive change is long lasting.

My background 

As a child my background was one of constant care of my father that was critically ill. A combined approach of medical approaches, spiritual healing and belief enabled him after a few years to be the first in the world to beat the odds and survive a very rare condition. Medical journals were written about him. Subsequently, I learned the power of attitude, faith and positive focus. My mind and insight was opened and permitted to stay open from a child, I discovered through personal experience that there is more to life than many realise or even speak about. We can connect to our innate wisdom and align our choices and actions in the most fulfilling directions when guided by clear insight, positive intent and passion.

I originally worked in my family fashion retail chain, moving on to work in Canary Wharf selling off plan properties for Savills. I qualified in Hypnotherapy, NLP and as a Life Coach just after the millennium working with the methods immediately and became excited with very good results from the start. As I progressed I then started to develop my abilities with further training, I also became a Presentation Skills Trainer in the City and then as a Learning & Development Consultant, a Strategic Interventionist and QHHT Practitioner. Ultimately when I transitioned my career into personal development there’s been no looking back! As my enthusiasm grew so too did my awareness, contribution to others results, and fulfilment this is because I aligned myself with my true purpose and my aim is for those that come to me to be able to do the same.

These days it’s mainly 1-to-1’s that keep my working week busy with local clients from Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset, but many of my clients journey down from London and also from other countries for my Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy sessions. I also work via Skype, Zoom and FaceTime Internationally often for those that find it easier for personal development Life Coaching this way. I can say I am living my passion and enjoy facilitating others to also recognise and live their passion.


My clients regularly email details of their breakthroughs, they often add that I helped to make them feel at ease and comfortable with my warm nature and professional approach. Some of these I have been given permission to share in the Testimonials section you will see. My promise to you is that I am 100% committed in guiding you to take immediate control of your mental, emotional and physical experience of yourself.

Sessions are offered Monday to Thursdays mornings and afternoons and Friday mornings through to 2pm.

Contact me: Email: or leave a message for a return call on: 07947 427389.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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