Since first qualifying in 2004 I’ve been supporting people in achieving positive change, both in their professional and personal life. Here is just a taste of what a few of the people had to say about their NLP, Hypnotherapy, Strategic Intervention, and Transformational Life Coaching experiences:

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“I had a childhood trauma that needed addressing. Natalie made me do some exercises with her and after a few weeks I felt as though those issues didn’t bother me as such. Thank you Natalie!” – Kannika Neelala

I found Natalie a warm individual, who combined a professional and intuitive approach when I first watched her video with Julia Cannon featured on her website. I have had two sessions with her so far and I am most impressed and find her trustworthy. My first session with her was a 90-minute Strategic Intervention Life Coaching…yes even Mindset coaches like me need coaches. In this session, she was able to focus on my problem and with gentle diagnostic questions managed to elicit the answers from my subconscious mind. A week or so later, I had 3-hour Quantum Healing Hypnosis Treatment (QHHT) which is something I have wanted to do but needed it to be with someone I could trust. It involved hypnosis and past life regression, which was most productive in terms of my perspective of my past, my present, and my future. I left with a feeling of satisfaction and a sense that I would be returning to Natalie regularly. – George Jerjian  Life Coaching Session in Bournemouth

“Natalie is a very spiritual and warm coach to work with. As soon as I arrived her home felt light and comfortable and I felt like I had already known her before our first meeting.  Natalie’s work is very positive and motivating, she uses tools and techniques to help you learn how to get yourself out of negative states from your own home. Which for me, has made such a difference to managing my mood. I did some work on my inner child with Natalie and it felt really good to reconnect with previous negative experiences and forgive them for happening. Natalie overall is an amazing coach and I definitely recommend working with her.– Lucy Barrie Life Coaching Session in Bournemouth

“I just wanted to say how incredible I found it. I have made such a turn around since we spoke, things at work have been 100% times better and my confidence is so much stronger than it’s ever been. Some of the things you taught me about different personality types, how to overcome barriers and thinking about my timeline has changed my whole perspective on work. I would really like to do a follow up session. My team is now top team for December!! Thank you again and hope you have a lovely Christmas xxx – Nikki Law Strategic Intervention Life Coaching

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the help Natalie has given me. After a recent episode after loosing my dad to a short term illness I was pushed into a position where I needed help and now I wish I had done it so much sooner! I was diagnosed with anxiety almost 15 years ago and depression on and off for a similar time and in just 3 sessions with Natalie she has helped me transform the way I experience life. NLP Life Coaching is incredible and I was fortunate enough that my friend recommended it, I felt massive changes even just after my first session with Natalie. I was trapped by anxiety for the majority of my teens and young adult life and I’m not going to let it hold me back anymore! Honestly to anyone considering it I couldn’t recommend Natalie enough, not only are her methods rapid and life changing she is also a lovely person and incredibly easy to talk to. When I first saw Natalie my anxiety was at its worse and it didn’t take long for me to feel comfortable. Thank you again Natalie – JME

“We came to see Natalie recently for some couples relationship counselling. The prospect of sharing our tender vulnerable sides with a third party was daunting for us, but we felt quickly at ease by Natalie’s kind, calm manor and felt safe to explore our stories without judgment. Natalie seems to find that magic quality combining a professional approach with an intuitive sense for what we might need each time. It’s great to feel like we have some new tools and perspectives to carry us into a new level of our relationship and similar new depths within ourselves. Thank you once again Natalie for the illuminations and support!” – Simon

“I started having NLP Life Coaching sessions with Natalie as I felt completely lost over where I was in my life. I felt I had no control, and no belief in myself to turn things around. When things got really bad I knew I needed help but didn’t know where to turn. Luckily, an acquaintance recommended Natalie based on their experience of working with her. From the very first session I felt a positive change within me. Natalie taught me how to replace my negative, limiting beliefs with a more positive outlook and set of beliefs. Now, after five sessions, I feel a completely new person and believe I can achieve what I want in life! Thank you Natalie for all your help. You have truly changed my life!!”  Mark J

“I came to see Natalie with a long term problem of anxiety, something I knew I needed to heal and gain control of. After a two hour session with her, I left feeling more positive and inspired. She gave me some great techniques and tips to focus on and repeat that I was able to practice at home. After three days they made a difference. I’m two weeks on from my hypnotherapy session and I feel more motivated and ready to move into a new phase of my life. Thank you so much Natalie for putting me onto this wonderful path!” – Natasha

“For years I had felt low self esteem, low confidence and felt negative about myself and life in general. So, I booked my Life Coaching Session in Bournemouth with Natalie, I had not thought about Hypnotherapy prior to this, but I was open to anything that could help me. On my first session I was taught quite a few ways, including a process that really worked that I could use afterwards, and techniques in how to help myself and tackle low self esteem and confidence. I also received written backup support. I really noticed benefits within the first couple of days. I became much more positive, confident and generally happier, and found that hypnotherapy was a big part of this, I enjoyed my personalised recording I played daily thereafter.” – Jake

NLP & Strategic Intervention Life Coaching Testimonial: “I had a few Life Coaching sessions with Natalie and they were absolutely amazing. I have noticed a huge difference in the way I feel – more confident, happier, more content and positive most of the time. I also blush less and if I do, I don’t feel bad about it. Natalie chooses the best techniques for you and equips you with the right tools, empowering you to take the wheel of your life and steers it in the direction your heart desires. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for this incredible gift of knowing Natalie and I look forward to working with her for a long time!” – Dovile

“Hi Natalie, Thank you for today! I didn’t want to wait to offer something back because today was necessary and I feel differently as a result of meeting with you – so here’s a few words that maybe you can share… Thank you Natalie – from the minute I made my appointment with you I knew only good would come from it! I connected with you straight away and I felt completely at ease speaking through my emotions with you. It was great to be able to let it all out and have a fresh perspective on my feelings which I usually keep to myself – I feel free which is the main thing I had hoped to feel, I also have a coping mechanism if ever I feel any of the emotions I did before we met. I’ve learnt that stopping is OK and you have taught me how to focus and re channel my energy to feel empowered, free and ready to reach my full potential. Most of all you have taught me that it is up to me to speak up – I’m in control of my destiny and listening to my subconscious will allow me to get to where I’m destined to be. Thank you so much!” – Kerry Life Coaching

“Dear Natalie, I came to see you a few months ago and met you and your lovely dog! I’m writing to thank you. Thank you so much for your kind, relaxed and professional help. After seeing you, I practiced my Stop routine and fist holding religiously – it was incredible how many negative thoughts I had swilling around. Doing the exercises you recommended helped me to see myself and my thought patterns clearly for the first time in ages. This helped me to gradually stop my negative and limiting thoughts. I  religiously practiced the exercises you prescribed, to such an extent that I forgot to stop after 21 days and went on for about 6 weeks! Since seeing you, I have started to think of myself in a much more positive way. This has helped me to make better decisions about what I want to do, where I want to go, and guides the way that my inner voice talks to me. Phew! That’s a lot of change from one short session! I’ve now started to use and to enjoy my creativity – since childhood I didn’t value this part of myself and left it to suffocate. I recently completed the attached picture of my partner Giles, the first I’ve painted in years. I’m proud of it and thought you might like to see what you helped me to do. I have started writing, enjoying, appreciating and doing more of the things that I am good at. Not bad for someone who had a thin black line projecting his future! As someone who (occasionally) helps people professionally myself, I know that we don’t always get to hear the happy stories once people get better, and I wanted to make sure that I thanked you wholeheartedly for the help you generously gave to me. I hope that your move goes well and do so hope that you will still recieve patients so I can call on your expertise again in the future. With best wishes.” – Kevin Hypnotherapy

“Natalie delivered a number of different training, coaching and team building/collaboration programmes to my team at Transport for London. Her charisma, professionalism and ability to pitch information at different levels and involve the entire team was effective and well respected. Natalie is a very competent, personable and skilled trainer and I would not hesitate in recommending her to others or employing her expertise in the future. ” – Kate Pasquale, Programme Manager at Transport for London

“I went today to see Natalie for QHHT hypnosis, but because I wasn’t able to relax or it wasn’t what I needed the most I couldn’t do it. She did ‘The Completion Process’ instead. I felt like I was ‘carrying something heavy in my heart’  for years and after the session I felt relieved! It was a very emotional session for me and even now during writing this feedback I feel emotional. Natalie is a lovely person, she has ‘light in her heart’, it was an honour and pleasure to meet her. She has a gift to help others and she definitely helped me.“ – Monika

“Hi Natalie just wanted to update you. Last night I went for a drive and knew from the outset that I could travel on the caterham bypass (a road I have never been able to drive down before). Upon entering the road I was very calm and concentrated on my breathing the whole way up and down the road. I plan to do the same again today straight from work when the road will be busier and in the light. How clever am I. Thank you so much. Will update you again soon.” – Anonymous

“I came to see Natalie for a QHHT session all the way from Israel. I liked and felt I can trust her when I first talked with her on Skype. The information I’ve got from my subconscious was and is very helpful and refreshing. I know I can use it to change my life for the better. Natalie is very kind, caring, gives her full attention and make you feel that you are safe with her and that she will do her best to help you get to a better place – fiscally, emotionally and spiritually. I’m grateful for making this trip.” – Roni Valensi

“It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday and thank you so much for the session. I found it all really really interesting and am amased at the effect it has had on me. This morning I went for a swim. I would have gone last night but the pool was not open. So, I was in the water for half an hour and did four lengths, bit by bit, altogether. I swam in the deep end and although I wasn’t 100% relaxed, I was not terrified like before and felt much more comfortable than before. I am very unfit and would have done more if I had been physically able, so I am going to pursue it and am going again tomorrow. Bit by bit I will be swimming 50 lengths!” – Lynn MacAskill

“When I first started going to see Natalie I felt so stressed and tearful, having tried pills and talking my problems out, but still not being able to cope. After the relaxation and hypnotherapy sessions and listening to the CD’s Natalie sent me home with, I felt a change in me.  I am now able to relax more and feel able to cope with stress and worries in a more controlled fashion. I feel able to act more decisively and far less tense and nervous. Natalie has worked hard to help me get  to this stage, for which I thank her very much. She has so much warmth and ability to use her skills to help turn people turn their life around.” – Bev

“Two weeks on I feel I have experienced some really transformational change and it is really beautiful and powerful. I have new energy which feels pure and loving and parts of me that were in emotional pain which I was storing in my body is no longer there. Also, I am noticing that I no longer feel jealous about things which were making me react and feel negative previously. Instead I feel excited and inspired by the great possibilities that await me and also empowered in my choice to get what I need without relying on anyone else. I really am pleased I decided to work with you, thank you Natalie. I feel very, very different in fact I feel amazing and have done all week. I am truly grateful and full of respect for your work.” – Anonymous

“It was a pleasure to attend one of Natalie’s hypnotherapy sessions. I felt really positive, comfortable and more balanced afterwards. I will definitely continue to attend more sessions and experience further. Thank you very much for the opportunity.” – A. J. Carer

“I have now lost 1 stone already and feeling good for it too. Thank you so much for helping me find the answers. People have noticed and asked how, so I have passed your number on.” – S. recommends Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

“I would thoroughly recommend Natalie’s Reiki sessions. Natalie is welcoming, easy to talk to and very knowledgable. I left the Reiki sessions feeling calm, refreshed & completely relaxed. The sessions gave me a new positive, confident outlook and a greater sense of well-being and perspective. I succeeded in receiving a promotion at work following a job interview a few days after one of my Reiki sessions! Many thanks again Natalie!!” – Sarah Couchman

The worlds a totally different place to me now, and it feels great!”Upon first corresponding with Natalie I instantly felt confident that I was in touch with a Therapist I could trust. Some one who had the necessary knowledge and understanding of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy process and all things related to it. The session was held in a very calm and comfortable place. Natalie is easy to talk to and easily understood me when I struggled to communicate my thoughts and feelings. She is a sincere person with a delightfully positive attitude and I would certainly recommend her as a therapist. I gained much in the session at the time and it proved to be even more profound after the event. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and I am more than happy with the outcome. I can sit on the floor with my legs crossed without pain. I hadn’t been able to do this for years!”  – Lennie Blake

NLP & Advanced Hypnotherapy for performance at the Olympics, excitement, overworking to heightened anxiety and fear and after one session back to herself in a more empowered way. “I performed in the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, and as amazing as the experience was…it was also exhausting! The whole media bubble and over-tiredness really affected me. After, I suffered great anxiety. I would wake up panicking in the middle of the night thinking people were after me. Throughout the days, small childhood fears were heightened and very frightening. With Natalie’s help I was soon back to my normal self and feeling much more positive! Thank you again for all your help… Every time I walked out I said to my Mum, she is amazing!” Thanks again Natalie! xx” – Beckie Davis

“I have had a very tough year with a lot of negative things going on in my life and finally reached a stage where I admitted to myself that I needed help,which was a major step for me. I was attracted to Natalie’s website as I felt that she could help me because of the wealth of different subjects she has studied. I initially had a telephone conversation with Natalie and after speaking to her for half an hour I was convinced that I could move my life forward in a positive direction with Natalie’s guidance and support. After my first 2 hour session with Natalie I felt more positive before I had even left her home. I have been following Natalie’s techniques and listening to her cd for only one week and have just had a second session. To say that my life has changed dramatically in a positive way in just one week is the absolute truth, amazing positive things have happened to me in just one week alone! Natalie is a fantastic, amazing and caring person and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to sort their life out in a positive way for good!”  – Michael, Grays Essex

“I am really enjoying my reiki treatments with Natalie.  Following each session, I feel lighter, more grounded and more energised.  I am looking forward to exploring reiki further and I am excited to see what unfolds.” – Claire Holland

“Before exams I used to get highly stressed; small noises used to irritate and distract me and I became quite restless and agitated during the lead up to exams. As a science graduate, I was dubious about seeking hypnotherapy. I had one therapy session with Natalie and then sat further exams within two months of my visit. Seeking hypnotherapy to overcome my anxiety has enabled me to do further exams without the previous feeling of mania. I am definitely pleased with the result and would like to thank Natalie for helping me achieve this goal. Many thanks.” – Elizabeth, Science Graduate

“Just thought I would let you know that I had a fab weekend away with the Girls, and I SLEPT!!!! I was totally relaxed, had no anxiety at all and felt content! So, thank you so much for all your wisdom and guidance in helping ME achieve this. Would love other people to be able to coach themselves, like you have taught me to coach myself. I feel so positive about my future now, and have handled some not so nice things that have happened to me in the last couple of weeks so well. My chosen phrase “you go girl” has been used quite a lot!! “ – C Harrison

“I had a real fear of death and dying. This fear got so intense that I would cry before going to bed and have horrible panic attacks. As silly as I thought it sounded I got in contact with Natalie and have to say I couldn’t believe the results. I was also surprised to discover why I had this fear which all became clear in the first session. Since seeing Natalie all these fears have gone and I now sleep with no problems. Natalie has also helped me overcome my fear of flying and I’m looking forward to my holiday this year. Thank you so much Natalie for your help, you’ve made me feel ‘normal’ and happy again.”  – Tracie, Beautician

“I booked an appointment with my local GP to ask for a recommended Hypnotherapist and was given Natalie Hall’s details. What took place over the next 4 weeks during which I had 1 session a week was nothing short of magic. The amount I smoked halved after every session until I was on 2 a day and these 2 cigarettes were only half smoked because I didn’t enjoy the taste or experience. The final step to not smoking any cigarettes was easy and enjoyable and it has now been over a year since I last smoked. I have achieved something which I thought would be impossible. Natalie is extremely good at her job and achieved results which I did not think would be possible.”  – Mike Blackhurst, Events Manager recommends Hypnotherapy to stop smoking

“Life is about communication and certainly the lessons you teach are of tremendous value. Many thanks for the contribution you made to Countrywide Residential Lettings. You’re relaxed and personable style was much appreciated and complemented the training and individual coaching you carried out. The workshop you undertook with senior directors was excellent, whilst being challenging and rewarding. All those attending enjoyed the tasks you set and will use these with their own management teams.” – John Hards, Managing Director Countrywide Residential Lettings.

“I had a phobia of flying, commuting both in trains, especially on the underground, and claustrophobic of being in a lift so would always take the stairs, I also could not be a back passenger in a car without feeling panicky since my teens. In just two sessions I could be a passenger and commute by train calmly and by the fourth hypnotherapy session my fear of tubes and flying disappeared. I have since flown without a care to New York with friends I had always wanted to go, it’s absolutely great!” – Laurie Hopkins, Police woman recommends Hypnotherapy for phobias

“I suffered migraines for 10 years around twice every week until I came for hypnotherapy, it’s now been six months and I am relieved to say I have not had a migraine since.”  – Karen Simpson, Careworker

“Natalie has a fantastic way of making sure the learning stays with the person, this means that if they wish to re-create the experience or reinforce the change at a later date they have the resource to do so.” – Dominic Keohane, Senior Consultant

“For a few years I dreaded having extensive work done to my teeth. It was my dentist Miss Leon in Croydon that recommended Natalie to me. I saw her a couple of times and the change and relief I felt was profound. I had many realisations and eliminated the anxiety about the drill. My dentist noted a huge change in me and was enabled to get on with her job easily. “ – Mrs Harwood, Housewife and mother recommends Hypnotherapy for anxiety

“Natalie is a true professional….always giving 110% attention in everything she does.” – Ian Dobrin, Managing Director, Oversears Property Jobs and Estate Agency Personnel

“After years of being a prisoner in my own home, in just one session I ventured out a few miles from where I live and after a further two sessions, I am now free to go anywhere I choose!” – Pria Godfrey

“As a result of my consultations with Natalie, I have defined renewed purpose to my life, with increased confidence. I have recently changed career and am taking time for what I love most!”  – Alan

“I really enjoyed meeting Natalie Hall, I am a really opened minded person and found that Natalie taught me some really valuable coping techniques for work and in everyday life. I felt that I learned a lot about myself that I really did not know.” – Anonymous, Countrywide Residential Lettings recommends Career Coaching

“I found the training to be very positive and found Natalie was very easy to talk to helping me to address issues that had been bothering me for some time. She also showed me how to turn the negative thoughts into positive thoughts.” – Kelly Latter, Countrywide Residential Lettings

“The coaching session was interesting and helped me with an insight into issues that have worried me in the past and the best way of addressing these, also suggested mind dumping which will assist me in putting my work into the correct priority order. The session was really positive.” – Julie Sullivan, Manager Countrywide Residential Lettings recommends Life and Career Coaching

“Natalie has an attention to customer service and detail that is second to none, when she says you’ll have something, you’ll have it! She sets an example.” – Rajesh, Sales Consultant

“I can’t believe I actually look forward to presentations now, and people seem to listen now, since the workshop I took part in with Natalie.” – J Carol, HR recommends Natalie as a Career Coach

“I felt that the hour and a half that Natalie and I spent together was very refreshing and eye opening. It really has made me look at things differently in life and in general. Positive not negative, that’s the way I look at things now. Many thanks.” – Ben Arundel, Countrywide Residential Lettings recommends Life Coaching

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