Quantum Healing Client Feedback

I don’t even know where to start! Natalie is amazing. I joined her for a full QHHT session (4 hrs approx) last summer and I can’t recommend enough. We had been searching for a QHHT practitioner for a while and Natalies name just kept coming up so we felt it was meant to be. We decided to make a trip of it and stay in Bournemouth for a long weekend to relax into the sessions. Natalie was great at communicating before hand and gave us lots of ideas of places to eat, places to stay and recommendations. During the session Natalie made me feel very, very comfortable. She is a very warm, open and honest person and this really helped me to feel at ease when discussing my experiences and hopes. She was very professional but in a very kind way and her questioning and guiding was amazing. It’s hard to put the actual session into words, as obviously this is very personal and different for everyone but all I can say is it was amazing and life changing. Over a year later and I still listen to the recording for guidance and to remind me of the lessons that needed to come through as they are still very relevant! I have made a lot of m changes with the guidance of my higher self, past lives and that was all facilitated by Natalie so I am very grateful! When I listen back to the recording I am totally in awe of her gentle guidance and it still makes me feel very warm and safe.
Clarisse McAllen
Just wow. My whole experience with Natalie was profound from start to to finish. The synchronicities that led me to Natalie were understood once our session was over. It’s been over a month since my QHHT session, I’ve needed this time to help things settle as much came through that was unexpected and hard to conceptualise. From the get ho Natalie was warm and inviting, the space she has created to work In and her energy instantly put me at ease. I had connected with a fellow star sister and my soul knew it instantly. My session was profound with my first past life being Off Planet in a different form to this one I am currently housing. This really helped me understand the deep feelings of not belonging to this world. I have lived with the feelings of being different since I can remember, now I understand why those feelings have always been there have now gone. I know why I am here and what I am to do. And it feels amazing to have the deep knowings I’ve always held confirmed: I was taken back to the time of Egypt where more of my Souls history was unveiled … again not what I expected to see but yet it all makes so much sense to me now: there was nothing but love and support from Natalie as the emotions overtook me in this past life memory. I am not an emotional person and it takes a lot for me allow my emotions to surface… and they flowed freely as I remembered my time in Egypt. It felt real, just as real as being here in this world and the emotional release I had during the session dislodged a lot of stuff within me. I had been feeling very stagnated in my business, not sure where to go next. As soon as I was home after the session my work mode has been switched on to 100 and I’ve not been able to stop being through the stuff that’s lived in my heads for too long. I highly recommend this modality to any other who is struggling to know who they are and what they are here to do. Much comfort and acceptance has come from my session with Natalie and I look forward to my past life revealing more of its secrets to me. My biggest thanks to you Natalie, may you continue being your light to world, so we may find our light also. In Love & Light. Adonaì
I was looking forward to my QHHT session but was also a little concerned that ‘it wouldn’t work for me’.  From the moment I met Natalie she put me at ease and reassured me.  Natalie’s kind and caring persona shines through and I was able to easily relax into the session. The past lives were very interesting  and I came away feeling cleansed.  I found that listening to the recording at home was very beneficial and really cemented my belief that the information coming forward was not coming from me.  Thank you Natalie for cathartic experience.
Dear Natalie, it was really nice meeting you on Wednesday.  Thank you for sending the recording and for facilitating my QHHT session.  It was a lot of information to take on when I left your beautiful home after my qhht session. That night I also had the best sleep in a long time, it was so restful.  Among the many issues we covered, my breathing issues have improved overnight and getting better everyday, and it’s only been 2 days.  I now understand how all the dots connect and what I need to do going forward. Again a big thank you for listening and for your warm welcome!
I went to see Natalie because I had had chronic tennis elbow for two and a half years. The condition was debilitating. I had spent a lot of money on physiotherapy and sports massage, but this had not produced any results. I remember driving to Poole and feeling the discomfort in my elbow on the way there. The pain was ever-present. I spent a very pleasant afternoon with Natalie. She regressed me to two past lives and key events in those lives that were connected with this injury and was able to elicit the voice of my higher consciousness who was an irrepressibly boisterous and verbose character and advised me to do more “mucking about”. Once the session was over, I noticed no pain in my elbow, and I have not had pain in my elbow since. Make of this what you will, but I thought and still think it was extraordinary. It was pure magic! Thank you very, very much Natalie! And by the way, I have done plenty of ‘mucking about’ since.

QHHT video testimonials

Thank you again… I’m feeling great and Quantum Healing helped me get so much more clarity & confidence about where I am going and who I am. Natalie was such a welcoming and lovely lady, I felt comfortable with her as soon as I met her… Her house is in such a beautiful location near the park and river in Bournemouth. QHHT is profound and took me into an appropriate past life which has helped me see why I struggle to speak my truth but that I’m independent and very capable of what I would like to achieve I just need to believe in and trust myself more so I can become the best version of myself. The main lesson I’ve taken away from my session is to Let Go. I could feel the SC working on and healing my body throughout the whole session too, especially the throat towards the end… Felt amazing. Would 100% recommend this deep relaxation, insightful and healing therapy for anyone who wants to understand themselves better, their purpose and where they’re going In life… I feel so much more connected and In tune with my higher self since the session too… Thank you so much.
laura whittome
I found Natalie a warm individual, who combined a professional and intuitive approach when I first watched her video with Julia Cannon featured on her website. I have had two sessions with her so far and I am most impressed and find her trustworthy. My first session with her was a 90-minute Strategic Intervention Life Coaching… Yes even Mindset coaches like me need coaches. In this session, she was able to focus on my problem and with gentle diagnostic questions managed to elicit the answers from my subconscious mind. A week or so later, I had a 3-hour Quantum Healing Hypnosis Treatment (QHHT) which is something I have wanted to do but needed it to be with someone I could trust. It involved hypnosis and past life regression, which was most productive in terms of my perspective of my past, my present, and my future. I left with a feeling of satisfaction and a sense that I would be returning to Natalie.
“I went to Natalie Hall for a QHHT session opened minded with hope to get insight to my health problems and found that I came out with a lot more than I was expecting. I found Natalie to be a very calming, focussed person with a warm loving heart and her session environment was calming, quiet and inviting I was very please with my experience and would highly recommend her as a therapist.”
My session with Natalie was brilliant. I went in with few expectations and a huge feeling of excitement and synchronicity. Natalie creates such a calm and safe environment for healing. It was so easy to talk to her and the session was mind-blowing. QHHT is a truly spectacular technique for anyone willing to live in alignment with the soul. Thank you so so much for the beautiful space you created to let the answers flow. A truly special lady, thank you for your work. you’ve changed my life!!! <3
“I had an amazing experience thanks to Natalie. A lot of questions about my current life and why I am the way I am were answered. My left shoulder was injured a number of years ago in a car accident and it was healed during the session. I no longer have any pain in my shoulder. The session has made me feel like I would like to learn the techniques that Dolores Cannon developed in order to help other people. I would 100% recommend this to anyone wanting to know about past life regression and wanting to find their purpose. Thank you Natalie” 
“An intuitive and effective hypnotherapist, guide and facilitator, Natalie guided me through several of my past lives that resonate and have had an impact on the life I have been living over the last 51 years. As a trained Hypnotherapist I know how powerful and effective the method is to create change, however I was struggling with a couple of health issues and was feeling ‘stuck’ in terms of making progress with my career, in spite of the fact that I use self hypnosis regularly to maintain balance and as a tool to assist me with my goals. Natalie expertly accessed my subconscious and we got to the core of it all… Suddenly my life and everything I have experienced now makes complete sense. I have a strong sense of purpose, no longer feel ‘stuck’ after gaining understanding and clarity regarding what it is I’m here to do and it’s subtle, the benefits of this work are still happening to me.. there’s this sense of knowing, and with that knowing I feel that life, regardless of challenges that are a necessary part of growth and evolvement, is even more of a gift!… and no more stomach pain!!!”  
“I feel I was guided to Natalie for a QHHT session and I was not disappointed. Natalie is a beautiful soul that has created a serene space which allowed me to feel safe enough to let go at a deep level. It is 3 days after the session and it’s still giving me more information and clarity – I work with plant medicines – I am a medium and healer – guided by spirit. I was in need of clarification from my subconscious of my spiritual path and the ascension process. I received far more than I expected and am truly grateful – For the first time in my life I feel free of the underlying anxiety that I could get lost in this reality – I feel reconnected to my true self. Thank you so much Natalie for continuing Dolores Cannon’s amazing QHHT work. Looking forward to next time we meet.” – Fifi
“The healing I received in the session has made me feel more stable, whole and energetic. Since then life has flowed and been more productive. The session contained many lessons which I am implementing in my every day life. I am putting my art first more often, finding time to relax and slow down and letting go of responsibility for things that are not mine to sort out. The session was a very special experience.” recommends Quantum Healing
Anne Marie Brody
“I had my session of QHHT on the 25th June 2019 and it is now 7th July 2019 – 12 days ago. I wanted to give myself time to let the feelings emanate before writing down how I felt about it all. A little back ground history, I am now 57 years old and for as long as I can remember I have had a very bad relationship with my mother and no amount of therapy in its various forms had helped me to find the reason behind this, until I did the QHHT. I needed the answer and just couldn’t seem to find it. I knew I felt sick if I had to sit next to her, I knew I felt uncomfortable looking at her and I knew there was some unspoken rule in the family where we were all expected to confirm to her needs and wishes. I have two brothers and a father and my brothers and my father seemed to get on well with her. I on the other hand just seemed to spark her off. In the QHHT session I was able to go back to my childhood and see how I was treated by my mother and then go even further back to a past life where she and I were together. This experience was the answer that I have been looking for, for so long. I had many past lives in the session and this helped me understand certain behaviours/ thought patterns that I have in this life, that may not necessarily be that useful, but being able to see why I might feel them was good. The QHHT session was amazing; it made sense to me, why my mother and I had never got along. It revealed to me why my mother had been particularly undermining me all my life starting from not wanting me as a baby, telling me constantly to be quiet, sit still, shut up, stop touching things, don’t laugh, don’t snigger, don’t answer back and that I was annoying. She made sure my father kept his distance from me and my brothers were preferred especially the younger one. I learnt by the age of 5 to shut my mouth and be as still as possible, I spent a lot of time on my own and I was taken to stay with other people at every opportunity. I could understand perfectly now why I felt the way I did – what had been confusing for me is that my mother had led me to believe that our poor relationship was my fault and that she had always been a loving good mother and she couldn’t understand my lack of warmth towards her. I grew up feeling alone, under confident, isolated, finding it hard to be spontaneous. I had learnt to be a people pleaser. So what has happened since the QHHT – The information about my mother and our dreadful past life together made me understand why she hated me. So there was a great sense of relief. So I have been through a variety of feelings since the session: The first day I was a zombie and could not quite believe what I had told myself. The second day I was a bit spaced out, I had listened to the recording twice by then. The third day I felt really confident, I wore bright clothes and jewellery. I felt really happy and this continued for maybe 5 or 6 days. My body felt like it was straightening up and slimming down, my mind was really focused and I was very clear and confident. Then after day 6 over the next couple of days, I felt really angry and wanted to tell my mother how horrible she was. Luckily I didn’t. A day or two ago I just felt really sad and since then I have felt very content, confident and happy. I saw some old friends from my childhood yesterday (adult friends of my parents) and they said how well I looked and how relaxed I was. I have noticed I sing more and feel good, my taste for food has oddly changed, the less complicated the food the better, plus I don’t seem so attracted to chicken or beef. I feel like I am expanding emotionally and mentally which is difficult to explain, but it’s like a gentle moving outwards. I was meditating every day before my QHHT and I was unable to do this afterwards for about a week, it was as if my body wanted to rest. I am mediating again now and it is more expansive. The constant pain in the top of my back and shoulders has gone and my body in general feels softer. Also in the QHHT a body scan was done and a head injury I had totally forgotten about was repaired. I found Natalie really calm, kind and gentle and had a very soothing energy; I was a bit apprehensive before the session but felt good once it started. It really has been such an insightful and helpful process for me, I really can’t explain how much it has changed and helped me in a very positive way, thank you Natalie and my thanks to Dolores who without I would not be in the place I am in right now.”
“I wanted to leave it a few weeks since having my QHHT session to see if any more insights came up. Whilst in the session, we visited a couple of past lives, the first being a gunfighter, which I assume was during the wild west days of America.  On the day of my death in that life, I was shot by a man dressed in a long black coat, looking a bit like captain hook with long black curly hair.  I got a number of insights after leaving the session, the first being this was most probably a ‘lawman’ or sheriff, as they were dressed in black coats.  The next morning, whilst in the shower, I was thinking about this, and in my head, a song was playing ‘I fought the law, and the law won’, – A song by the clash??  I’ve since googled gunfighters, lawmen, and cowboys to see what came up, and surprisingly there are very few, less than 100 known people, and most were both on the outlaw and lawmen side at various times of their life.  However one did stand out, as having the exact same ‘look’, with the long curly hair, and weirdly his life then also matches the habits of the person I know today.  – Yes, I know this person, and I work with him.  A couple of big similarities were 1. They both wildly exagerate the truth with wild stories about their achievements, which everyone can see it’s not true.  and 2. The ‘lawman’ in his later life moved to be a part of the gold rush, chasing the gold.  The current life version of this person also ‘chase’s’ the gold, in such a way that’s just not normal, getting excited about it. Anyway, the lesson from this life was first of all about strength, and standing up for myself, as I’ve had to do a lot, particularly before the age of 30, with many fights with people in defending myself.   The cowboy died around age 30.  The second lesson, was about doing things the ‘legal way’, not in an illegal/legal sense, but just doing things properly.  My working life so far has been about going on trust, and trusting peoples words, going on a handshake.  Every time it’s turned round to bite me. Ironically, as if to remind me of this, the night before the QHHT session, this person I work with had done just this to me.  So the lesson, do everything contractually right / ‘the legal way’. Another interesting thing about this life was the cowboy/gunfighter didn’t appear to have a home, he travelled around.  This has also been my life now, I do not really feel ‘home’ anywhere, and always feel the urge to travel.  In the last 15 years, I’ve lived in numerous places for a few months, working there, and moving to the next place.  And I still feel the urge to keep travelling now. In the second life, I was shown the life of a slave, living in a broken shack.  Whilst I was content in that life, it only consisted of work / eat / work / eat.  Again this reflects so much to my current life, as that’s what my life has been about.  25 years since leaving school, to work/eat, with little else going on.  The death in that life came after I was accused of, I assume, killing the masters baby, though this felt like I was being blamed for something I knew nothing about.  During the course of being beaten and killed for this, I was hit on my right knee with a fence post.  My knees in this life have been really sore, to the extent sometimes I get huge pain from walking on them.  Since learning about this slave life, my right knee has felt almost no pain at all, and my left knee is also much improved. I’ve also had a deep hatred for the aristocracy for which I’ve never really known why.  I had an insight into this too since the session, in that I believe this stems from being blamed/accused in the slave life, which led to my death, and so a lack of trust or dislike has been carried over into my current life. On reflection, I cannot help but think these two lives, and my current life now, is just like living the exact same life, but in different times, and with different environment/scenario, it is very strange.   Thank you for your help Natalie, I can use these insights to move forward. ”
The worlds a totally different place to me now, and it feels great!”Upon first corresponding with Natalie I instantly felt confident that I was in touch with a Therapist I could trust. Some one who had the necessary knowledge and understanding of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy process and all things related to it. The session was held in a very calm and comfortable place. Natalie is easy to talk to and easily understood me when I struggled to communicate my thoughts and feelings. She is a sincere person with a delightfully positive attitude and I would certainly recommend her as a therapist. I gained much in the session at the time and it proved to be even more profound after the event. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and I am more than happy with the outcome. I can sit on the floor with my legs crossed without pain. I hadn’t been able to do this for years!
“Coming to see Natalie for a QHHT Session in January was such a lovely experience, from the moment I walked through the front door I was relaxed and made to feel so welcome. We chatted for a while and I felt I could open right up to Natalie who was so attentive and tuned in to my needs. When we did the QHHT I felt relaxed and at ease and released things I didn’t even realise I had held on to. It has also given me an insight into mine and my families paths for life and answers to questions I felt they need to know. It was in all ways a relaxing and valuable experience and Natalie is such a kind, loving and caring person who has a real gift. Thank you once agin Natalie for a truly amazing experience.”
“A truly life changing experience, I would recommend a QHHT session with Natalie to anyone from any walk of life who is ready to make a lasting transformation. Natalie’s ability to make her clients feel at ease and connect with their motivation for the session is unparalleled, and any nerves or uncertainly is instantly left at the door. The QHHT session helped me examine the root cause of issues that continuously appear in my life but I have been unable to address independently. Through Natalie’s intuitive guidance, I gained the clarity I needed to understand their interconnection, and the courage to finally let go of what was no longer serving me. The session left me feeling empowered, awakened, and finally at peace. Our subconscious already has all the answers we’re looking for inside us, and together with Natalie’s incredible talent for connecting with our higher consciousness, we can all make a lasting change for the better and walk in closer alignment to our highest potential.”
“My QHHT session has changed my perspective in life and it was an amazing experience. Since the very first moment it was very easy to open up to Natalie. During the session, it was very easy to relax and it didn’t take long until I started to feel and see my past lives which has helped me understand more about my life and the way that I am.  I am still impressed about the things I saw and the answers I got. It is and incredible experience which I recommend to anyone an it is something that I would definitely do again.” 
Paula G r
“I wanted to start this with a huge thank you for my session with you 09 Aug 2019. I have always wanted to do Past Life Regression but I wanted to choose wisely who I put my trust in, I am 100% satisfied I put my trust in you. From the start I was comfortable in your presence and you looked after me so well. I have had a life condition living with Eczema and Asthma, it has been a crippling discomfort to me for 38 years, recently I have really suffered with my asthma to the point that walking my dog I would have to rely on taking my inhaler 3 or 4 times in 1 walk. After my past life session I saw myself at the age of 38 in a gas explosion where I lived and in my street, my skin was burnt from head to toe and I couldn’t breath and couldn’t see, I tried to save my family but died of my injuries, the emotions that I felt were heart breaking as I couldn’t save my family as I couldn’t get to them, it turned out they died as well and there were more explosions in the street in other houses where others died a lot of crying and emotions were released through my session, I needed to forgive myself and from that I brought forward my conditions into this life. Today I took my dog for a walk the same walk I would normally need my inhaler up to 4 times, today I didn’t need my inhaler at all!! my lungs felt at ease, the muscle memory was there ever so slightly of the urge to use it but my lungs were relaxed and I knew I didn’t need it, I power walked all the way home feeling the best I have ever felt. It also relieved my back and chest ache I have had no pain since my session. This experience was worth every penny, I feel like I can now live my life to the fullest with nothing holding me back. I am now booking my husband in for a session. Thank you again Natalie truly a life saver.”
 Sally mason
The Below Blog is written by Kerry Natalie: https://kerrynatalie.com/2018/09/06/quantum-healing-hypnosis-therapy/ “Before my session I was a bundle of nervous excited energy, as if my higher self knew this was a big deal. I went down into the lower gardens and sat on a bench to meditate then prepared some questions I wanted to ask my subconscious. Natalie’s house has an open peaceful feel to it, gorgeously styled with serenity, a place where I immediately felt calm and relaxed. We talked about my background, my story, and I filled in a form which included listing my cast of characters. That exercise alone got me thinking about who is important in my life, which was so simple yet so eye-opening. The therapy itself was easy enough. I laid on a very comfortable bed, a little worried that I might fall asleep, but Natalie assured me that I would remain within the theta brainwave levels, and the more I spoke the deeper I would go. I visited two past lifetimes, and a brief visit to the afterlife, brought up by my subconscious. These particular stories were brought up to teach me something linked to this one. It felt strange, like I was making it up, yet I was telling myself these stories and teaching myself these lessons, for a reason. It was what I needed to know in order to understand my current lifetime. Natalie then spoke to my subconscious directly, asking the questions I had prepared, and the answers it gave were pretty pivotal. Some answers confirmed what I know, and it was spooky to hear the subconscious say “She knows” meaning me. Some of the answers have reassured worries I was carrying, and has refocused my ambitions with a new sense of calm and confidence, while some of what was said was brand new information. It feels like I’m in tune with my subconscious in my waking life, but this was a spectacular lesson in clearing up any doubts I had before. The answers made sense, and a lot of my understanding came through with absolute clarity. The final task Natalie asked of the subconscious was a body scan and healing, which was very effective. I physically felt the changes it made. My throat chakra has been consistently blocked, despite holistic treatments I’ve tried, and the source of that was finally identified as an emotional reaction from my childhood. I’ve worked out that I tried to protect my parents from the sadness I felt as a young child, and that I’ve carried guilt and resentment ever since, for not allowing myself to be the child in any scenario growing up and allowing myself to be as openly upset as I actually was. In the days that have followed, and through listening to the recording, I have gone on to further understand and identify the steps I want to take. I now accept who I am, who I have been, and what I am capable of. I feel lighter and, with a new dose of self-confidence, ready for anything.” –  recommends 
“Recently I decided to go with QHHT healing so arranged the session with Natalie who was extremely understanding given that I explained my skepticism due to my ‘mind set’ and having an over active mind. This was my first therapy session ever involving a connection with the subconscious hence my concerns. Since having had the session I can say for certain that my concerns were for nothing as I came away with the answers that I had been seeking all amidst getting to know Natalie who is always concerned and caring towards her clients making sure that they are ready before starting. For anyone out there who has any doubts either about QHHT or Natalie I would say worry not as you are in very capable experienced hands. For your own sake clarify all you need to prior to the session that way you will have an amazing experience like I did. Highly recommended.” 
“There are many ways to find ourselves, many techniques, teachings and practices. In my path I was guided to participate in a QHHT session and I’m forever grateful for this experience. I found Natalie through her website. On my arrival Natalie welcomed me in her home and I knew I was in good hands. We talked for a while before the session started, I also explained to her that a few weeks before the session a thought appeared which said “I cannot be hypnotised”. She explained to me everything I needed to know about the mind and how to welcome the Higher Self and allow it to shine. If you for whatever reason you feel you cannot be hypnotised please don’t let this thought or any other negative thought stop you from taking part in this beautiful experience. Natalie is very professional and a caring person, you can feel her kindness and love, all you have to do is relax, listen to her calm voice and enjoy the journey through time and space. Thank you Natalie, I felt safe in your presence and for me it was very important in order to open the door and let the magic in”.  recommends 
“I had an amazing session with Natalie in November 2018. I was guided to Natalie’s website after searching for practitioners trained in the Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy method. For a year I had been struggling to understand certain things that I was learning about myself; specific to my current incarnation but also about my multidimensional self; such as experiences in other star systems and outside of this universe. In the session with Natalie I wanted to understand why I was meant to know all of this information and to try to uncover my sense of mission. Through Natalie’s help I was able to bring forward the information I was seeking and also heal fears that were blocking me from moving forward on my spiritual path. I felt very comfortable with Natalie and she created the safe space I needed to explore. Without knowing what to expect, she seamlessly guided me to the depths of my subconscious. I walked away with a sense of calm, happiness, and gratitude. I highly recommend her services. Thank you Natalie for your gift of healing through QHHT!“ 
“My name is Susan and I had a beautiful QHHT experience with Natalie in January 2019. I had been working hard on identifying my Karmic wounds and patterns that I had chosen to work on in this life and had done all of the inner-work, releasing and forgiving, and yet, I still felt incredibly stuck, dis-empowered and lacking hope and faith in my future. In my session with Natalie I was taken back to a past life where I had experienced all of these feelings as a young woman forced to marry an older widowed man against my free will. After going through all of the ups and downs of this lifetime I was able to release the old stories that I was telling myself regarding rejection, betrayal, and dis-empowerment, and I have been feeling great ever since! Much love and gratitude to Natalie for her kind, patient and loving demeanor and for gently guiding me on my first journey of QHHT. I look forward to seeing her on a yearly basis to help me where and when needed. I highly recommend QHHT with Natalie for anyone who is feeling stuck, struggling or at a crossroads in their lives like I was.“
“I wanted to partake in a QHHT session as I felt I was at a crossroad in life and wasn’t sure which road to take. It was lovely meeting Natalie, she had a calm and relaxing aura and was easy to speak to. We chatted for a little while before the session so Natalie could get to know me better. When I was nice and comfortable the session began, gradually I was guided into this deep state. At the end of two hours, which felt like 20 min, I had these indescribable visions of where I have been and my past life visions my higher self wanted me to see to help assist in my current life. It not only comforted me but has help put much of the puzzle pieces together. Thank you Natalie for a wonderful experience.“ 
“Thank you Natalie for such an amazing session on QHHT.  Although I came to you with Spiritual queries I feel this session has helped shape my perception in life in a very positive way. I connected with you straight away and I felt naturally at ease speaking about Spiritual dilemma and emotions with you. It was great to be able to let it all out with someone who understands which I usually keep to myself. The connection you’ve helped me achieve with my subconscious was amazing and still amazes me every time I watch the recording. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. With lots of love..“
“I had not been hypnotised before and was intrigued to know how it would feel. It was a gentle experience and I was guided the whole time by Natalie. The images and scenes that were presented to me began to make sense during the process and even more so when listening back afterwards. The whole session was fascinating and I’m eager to know more.”
“Thank you so much for sending the files and for an amazing session! It is an amazing tool for anyone who needs guidance while on walking their life path. Quite incredible how life works! I would definitely recommend a session who is looking to find answers to the most important questions of all.”
“When I arrived for my QHHT session I felt very anxious, but I left feeling the exact opposite. Natalie made me feel at ease right away, and I had the most beautiful, freeing experience, like nothing I was expecting. I left feeling totally calm and at one with everything. That night, I slept better than I had done in ages – no strange dreams or sleep paralysis which is something I’d been struggling with for a while. It’s been a day since I’ve had the session, and that feeling of calm and content is still very much present, I am looking forward to continuing my life’s journey with a new perspective and a new love for the world and all of its beauty. Thank you Natalie
“I came to Natalie for a QHHT session and had a wonderful experience. I remained very conscious throughout and remember everything. At the start I thought I was making up answers but as things progressed my head took a back seat. I had a series of profound adventures which were seemingly coming out of nowhere and helped answer fundamental questions that I brought to the session. I had a lot of physical release through shaking as well as few screams which confirmed that I was letting things go. Natalie is someone of great spiritual depth, far beyond what she lets on and I would recommend this experience to anyone.“
“I don’t know where to start. Absolutely mind blowing. Natalie is a pleasure to be in the company of and you feel instantly at ease with her. Being a huge overthinker and over analyser, I was concerned that QHHT may not work, but I needn’t of been concerned with that at all. After my session, I felt instantly lighter and all my questions were answered and I learnt life changing information. I honestly couldn’t recommend her highly enough.” 
Adrian Turner 
“Thank you very much for a profound and enlightening QHHT experience. I didn’t expect it to be quite so powerful! You have a very well balanced warm and professional approach. Also the environment, the space you have created makes it very easy to relax and feel naturally at ease.”
“Thanks Natalie for a great QHHT experience. It was a lot easier than I expected. Going into it, I was a little unsure but she helped me feel at ease right away with her genuine warmth and compassion. Given her experience and knowledge I knew I would be in good hands. I have recommend her because of her integrity and will continue to do so.”
Lawrence Sorunke
QHHT experience has given me a direction as to the path I must go. It’s enlightened me in so many ways I can’t possibly put it into words. Its basically shown me what I have to do to get my life together.”
K Rae 
“I did a QHHT session with Natalie and found the experience to be very enlightening and I gained valuable insight. I found myself transported to 17th century Italy where I viewed a past life as a young woman forced into an arranged marriage by her father. The images and feelings that came to me were powerful and I became tearful at one point in the session. I felt both the happiness and the sadness of that young woman. I did find it peculiar to be so excited to be wearing a wedding dress as I am a 51 year old man. I would highly recommend a QHHT session with Natalie it has given me so much to think about and was a very positive experience.”
“Natalie is truly gifted with a unique and rare set of skills. She combines these with a refreshingly honest professionalism that is open, attentive and above all instills complete and total trust. Her skill, patience and insight can only truly be appreciated by working with her. Natalie’s home instantly creates a calm and peaceful environment that is further complimented by her wonderful dogs – a real pleasure to be around. I have no hesitation in recommending Natalie to anyone seeking her services.”  
“I went to Natalie for a QHHT session as I met her during my level 2 training (Natalie is one of a few recommended practitioners’ of  Dolores Cannon – the founder of this therapy – and was there to assist Dolores in this large group in the UK) Although I am an holistic therapist myself, I was nervous about this session. Maybe even a little scared of any answers I got  to my 6 questions. As soon as I arrived, Natalie was able to calm me with her presence and her voice. During the interview, I could feel myself relaxing more and more, and opening up to her seemed so easy. I trusted her. Once the hypnotherapy part began, I felt my whole body drift off and I saw my regression as if watching a holographic TV show. Then after this part, and  as the SC took over, it felt like I had been told to sit down and be still. I can’t remember  much of the SC’s part of the conversation except for some of the booming voice parts that gave me very strict instructions to adhere to (Things that would benefit both my mind and my body) When I was brought back afterwards, I felt great. Relaxed, calm. Actually, I felt like me. We chatted about things that had arisen during hypnosis and the one thing that I could hardly believe was how much time had passed!! I got a train home. I was sweating profusely and my clothes were quite damp by the time I arrived home. This continued for 3 days. This was a proper detoxification of all the vile drugs the NHS has prescribed for my various ailments over time. I got headaches, but instead of reaching for paracetamol or Nurofen, I drank water. The headaches were gone in minutes. I have stuck to the instructions since my session and I feel that following the guidance given, is easy and it’s truly helping me. I have removed all painkillers immediately (as instructed) and I am gradually cutting down on the stronger medicines I’ve been taking for the last 3 years. I have much less pain throughout my body, and believe me ….there was a lot of pain. The cataract on my left eye is dissipating daily. All in all, I feel more alive, and I finally have a sense of purpose. To be honest, I know now what I’m here for. One of the questions I asked was “Is QHHT my modality? The therapy I should use as my career?” The answer was a resounding no. I was told I have very powerful healing hands and that I would create my own method. Initially this disappointed me as I was hoping to be able to use a therapy someone else had devised (I guess I can be a little lazy) However, my partner hurt her back while playing  with our dogs, so I listened to the SC and used my hands to help her. I could feel the molecular structure of her skin/muscle/skeleton changing beneath my palms. It was only a 10 minute treatment and she had a 70% mobility improvement and the pain went almost completely. I listen to my recording every night as I fall asleep. It helps me to nod off more quickly., and I sleep more soundly. In my opinion, if there is one thing that should be on EVERY persons bucket list, its…. have a QHHT session!” 
“I was looking for past life regression in my area when I stumbled on Natalie’s website. I’d never heard of QHHT before but after reading the information I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. I contacted Natalie and was amazed to be offered an appointment in less than 2 weeks. The healing really begun with making the appointment, I felt lighter and buzzy with excitement. I found Natalie at a point in my life where it felt as though, despite the efforts I was already making, something more was needed. I was suffering from poor mental health following years of traumatic events in quick succession, an eating disorder, low self esteem, difficult relationships and poor self image, to name but a few. Natalie and her 2 mischievous dogs welcomed me into their home, over a cup of tea we chatted about my life. Natalie has a natural aura of calm which seeps into you without you realising, before long I was sunk back into the armchair with my feet up feeling like I was chatting to an old friend. I’d brought my 6 life questions and a list of other important topics I was hoping to discuss. The initial chat is very in-depth, I was made to feel like what I was saying really mattered. My first regression led me to a life I’m still trying to figure out…it felt like a parallel, past and future life. Perhaps it is all 3… I’ve learned time does not exist so this is as credible an explanation as them singularly. I was not of this planet however I watched the Earth and visited there often to collect samples. The samples were sent to Pleiades and tested, the results predicted the future of the Earth. I watched a monumental event on Earth which would have been noticed by the minute few, an Earth re-birth into a new dimension. I watched the destruction of the old earth and rejoiced at the new, I explained how humans could get to the new earth. I didn’t have to watch after the Earth multiplied and I got to go ‘home’. ‘Home’ was emotional, it was more familiar than life on earth, the feeling of belonging and acceptance was overwhelming, my place is here and I will always return here. I then experienced the process of returning to Earth, choosing a life which best suited the lessons I was to learn. I chose the life I have now and I explained to Natalie that it is not the event or experience which matters but the lesson the event brings about. Humans emotionally charge the experience, especially if negative or traumatic, the energy is spent on blame, anger, revenge often speaking of ‘teaching that person a lesson’ when ironically it is you who was supposed to learn the lesson. When I explained this, it came from a place of knowing, I also explained that I had chosen in this life to condense all of those lessons into the first part and that the second part would be better. Because of the importance of the lessons, when choosing the life, the soul does not dwell too long on the details of the event or experience which brings them. This has helped me more than any part of the therapy, my perspective on most of my life is completely different, in turn that has massively reduced my anxiety and irrational fears. I regressed to another life, I was in the battle at Agincourt. I experienced death, feeling I was everything and nothing, it was wonderful. I was met and my life reviewed. I didn’t learn the lessons I was supposed to, I died when ‘the penny dropped’ so to speak and have brought the lessons into this life; when on reflection and a new perspective on my experiences in this life this makes absolute sense. Natalie asked my 6 questions to my soul and I got the answers I needed, maybe not necessarily what I wanted but who am I to argue with my soul! There was revelations and confirmations of things my instincts had been telling me for years. What I wasn’t prepared for was the feelings and knowing….not just knowing but knowing without justification. This kind of knowing is not thought but feeling and being. Its very hard to express, I am weeks on now from the session and it is all still unfolding. The session itself is like a catalyst for something much bigger, it’s the essential first spark of a spiritual explosion. I have recommended QHHT to absolutely anyone who will listen to me, if you’ve made it to this page and are still doubting whether or not you should book, the fact you found your way here means you absolutely should. You won’t regret it!”
“I turned up to see Natalie in a horrible depressive state with barely any hope at all having been plagued with severe bouts of depression and anxiety for years and years, almost believing that it was part of a life sentence for me. Although I turned up feeling pretty horrific, Natalie made me feel comfortable and slowly but surely I started to come round a little bit. The session was something that I had never experienced before and I actually wondered what happened, although I knew something had changed for me. Following the session, I felt lighter, a little bit zoned out and completely different to how I came in. I went home that night, but slowly I started to feel depressed again and felt extremely tired. The next day, I woke up and cried my eyes out for over an hour at least and then slept all day. The next day I felt the most amazing peaceful serenity that I couldn’t even remember feeling in years! I went out for a walk and felt incredible just enjoying the beauty around me with a big smile on my face. Since then, I’ve enjoyed amazing peaceful periods and sometimes found it hard to remember what depression and struggling to communicate with people actually feels like! The frequency of depressive episodes and anxiety has greatly reduced. It’s given me renewed hope and I’m even travelling to Thailand on my own in 2 weeks :-)”  
“I just wanted to thank you again for our session. I’ve listened to the recording again and I am just so amazed at the experience you were able to lead me through. I now understand the significance of the recurring dream that used to haunt my childhood, and have clarity on what my purpose is in this life and why I feel passionate about certain aspects of the world. Taking me back into those two significant past lives truly helped me understand what it is that I’m here to do. It was an extremely emotional experience, but you made me feel comfortable and safe throughout. The quantum healing session has changed my life in a positive way and I can’t thank you enough for this experience. I now understand the importance of listening to my subconscious and having a positive outlook on life (opening the door for life to return the positivity to me). I look forward to seeing you again in the future and wish you the best in all aspects of your life.” 
“I met with Natalie for my QHHT session in January. It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. It gave me so much confirmation and additional information about who I am and what I came here to do. I have worked with different energy modalities the last few years after I experienced a profound spiritual awakening, where I was reminded of my true nature and path. I was able to work through much during the past years and have come to an understanding of many Why’s in my life. It was beautiful how all of this was further explained during my session. The dots were being connected and a whole picture emerged. I was simply blown away! It was a big relief to receive confirmation on every possible level. The session added the final polish. It provided me with exactly what I needed and reassured me in such a positive way. I couldn’t be happier. If you consider doing a session, please go ahead and do so. Natalie is so very skilled and professional, providing you with everything you could ever ask for! With much love and thanks”  
“I have been blessed with an opportunity to have a QHHT and Life Coaching sessions with Natalie. To start with QHHT, it is definitely a very unique experience. I had an idea of what the session would be like, I have watched Dolores Cannon videos, but hadn’t read her books before the session (even though after reading them now I believe it would have been quite useful) and being quite sensitive, I felt very excited. I have a full recollection of the session and feel that if not for my emotional state, I could have been in a deeper state of trance, however, the rest is magical. Straight after it I felt elevated, very light physically and emotionally and even slightly confused. The details of the past lives reconnected some of the dots and still continue doing that. I feel a stronger urge than ever before to live in my heart rather than my head and take care of myself. Since then, I have decided to move to Norway (I wanted to leave London for quite a while, but been scared of such a big decision), took up yoga classes (wanted to try it before but have been put off by the idea of being surrounded by a lot of people that I don’t know), feel more confident, more connected to myself. Moreover, Life Coaching session was absolutely amazing as well. Natalie helped me to remember the things that give me joy, reconnect to the child in my heart and inspired to pursue my dreams. On the way back home after the session I wrote a poem (which I haven’t done in about 10 years and loved doing). I don’t remember the last time I felt so much joy as I did that day. I am looking forward to having another session. Thank you Natalie, from the bottom of my heart.” 
“I visited Natalie a couple of weeks ago for a QHHT session. Right from the start I found it very easy to connect with her. This was particularly important in ensuring that the pre-hypnosis part of the session covered a broad range of discussion and gathered ample data for validation or clarification during the hypnosis. Natalie is a truly charismatic individual, characterised by a natural gentleness, refiness, respectfulness towards her clients, and the acutest of abilities in tapping into the subconscious. She is a true professional of the highest standards in her area of work, demonstrating exceptional skills in guiding her clients through the hypnosis session, and monitoring the overall process in an effective way that can yield maximum results. I personally strongly recommend her to anyone seeking to draw tangible results from life coaching or to those who are simply on the journey of self-development or on the search for life purpose and meaning.” 
“Natalie’s QHHT helped me make an important lifestyle choice which has since benefited me and my family. It was also a very interesting experience and I’d recommend everyone to try this at least once in their lives. Ms. Natalie is a friendly and professional lady and I really felt she cared about me and took her work seriously. I chose her as my QHHT practitioner as she came highly recommended – and in turn I also highly recommend her.”  

“I had my QHHT session yesterday and can feel so much better already. Natalie you are a great professional and it was so easy to talk to you and I felt completely safe and comfortable with you. I felt so rested right after the session. I got answers to my questions. Thank you Natalie for your help! Let me know if you’d like to see “my” waterfall. I’ll take you there.” 
“The quantum healing hypnosis was really insightful for me, it really helped me understand why things are the way the are In my life and allowed to consolidate these situations with a better understanding. Even though I had my first session a year a go, I still refer to the audio recording and when things get a little hectic I listen to it and it gives me clarity and helps ground me. If you had the feeling that you should have a session I strongly urge you to listen to your instincts and jump to it. You will never regret making the choice to do it.” 
Ms Dickson
“I immensely enjoyed my Quantum Healing Therapy session with Natalie.  I had been seeking clarification on aspects in my life path and purpose. I have very vivid dreams and visual moments during meditation that I wanted to investigate further. I got exactly what I was looking for and more. Natalie made the whole experience very easy, relaxed and friendly. I never felt uncomfortable, it was so pleasant to share the experience with Natalie. I highly recommend Natalie and QHHT. This was an experience not to be forgotten and I am thrilled I have it all recorded so I can go back over my experience.”  
“Thank you very much for a wonderful Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session. It was one of the most amazing, interesting sessions I have ever experienced. I became much happier and very open after the session. I couldn’t remember what was happening much in  the session of my past lives, but very interesting to hear the recording after. I remember clearly the wonderful sensation of  the ‘Subconscious’, and the next day I felt this wonderful energy all day. Everyone around me looks very happy and I felt the energy has lifted very high. My current life purpose became very clear and I am looking forward to some other purposes that will come in the future. Another thing I noticed, physically is that I got freer, and also my broken thumb feels much more flexible than before, it used to be very stiff and felt strange. Thank you very much for the session.” 
“I’m still blown away really, and can’t stop thinking about everything. The principal health issue has improved about seventy-five percent already, and I think it will clear up altogether within a few weeks. I just need to be more focused in a few areas, particularly in relation to the way I interact with others, and what I choose to think about when I’m alone. My biggest concern going into the session was the potential surrender of control to you, although having spent four hours in your home I’m not sure that’s the right phrase. If I had to give an analogy it’s a bit like scuba diving with someone up top to watch your back, who keeps the motor running as gently as possible, and who knows exactly when to shift direction, however slight, so that everything keeps moving forward very deftly in the way that it needs to. I think in hindsight I was possibly tainted by my perception of celebrity hypnotists who drag people up on stage etc., although for me this was more of a lucid dream which became more and more real, and in parts, very emotional. Anyway…… for those who haven’t tried it I think the benefits are twofold: a) immediate healing as it happens; and b) a complete reversal in how you see your life going forward, together with an introduction to a philosophy you could spend years looking into. I know the possibility of life reversal sounds contrived for those who think they’ve tried everything. The simple explanation is you probably haven’t. Expect to be hard-wired by a level of intelligence you won’t understand, and expect to be found by those who need to find you. As for Natalie, expect a five-star professional who’s completely golden. Having been I would have paid ten times over, and then some. The only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t go sooner, and whilst it’s heavily intertwined with principles of past-life regression which may be new territory for some, that isn’t necessarily the direction the session will take, as the entirety of what I saw, save for being reunited with a person I really needed to see, was ahead of me, depending upon what I choose to do from here on in. When the session ends, you’ll feel as though you’re floating on air in a memory foam recliner, and that’s just the start. This is frontier level stuff, where science has attempted to disable your warning mechanisms in the pretence that you’re cured. The future couldn’t be more intriguing…… Natalie, a deserved and sincere thank you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.” 
“QHHT: a profound, wonderful, surprising, and rather life changing experience! I am very glad that I made the decision to contact Natalie and from when I first got in touch with her to arrange the session, the energy of the process just felt right. I trusted in that and a very positive experience followed. I would say to anyone considering QHHT though to expect the unexpected. I was certainly in for quite a surprise. On arriving I was put at ease right away by Natalie’s calm, pleasant and professional manner and we had a very helpful and insightful discussion about the issues I wanted to address, effectively laying the groundwork for the induction to follow. I was also fascinated that Natalie even picked up on one or two psychic phenomena that were happening in the room that would later relate to my regression! Well after the induction began, to say I went somewhere surprising would be an understatement when I proceeded to recall, in great detail, an episode on another planet as some type of travelling star being! Er, ok, wow…different! I was also stunned that my subconscious thought I was ready to handle something this exotic as my first ever hypnotic regression. Like I said, expect the unexpected! Even though it has taken some time to assimilate I’ve realised the effects of this therapy are still subtly yet powerfully working some magic in my life. It was also fascinating listening back to the recording of the regression soon after at home, which further crystallised the significance of the session for me. I realised there were so many things about what I experienced that shed light on aspects of my current life and that I had connections to. The therapy therefore became a transformational moment, even more so because some important messages came through about why I am here which has been so enriching. It also gifted me a deeper level of inner understanding as well as the healing work that was begun via the Subconscious. Thank you Natalie for your expert guidance during my first steps on a truly wonderful and unfolding journey into self-discovery and quantum healing. I have a distinct feeling that I will do more QHHT exploration in the times ahead!”   
“I’m back from my holidays and just listened to the recording of our QHHT session again. It was an amazing session I have to say! I’ve received so many answers to my questions and I’ve learned a lot about my personality traits that seemed to be there lifetime after lifetime. Now I can understand some of my reasons for various choices (and decisions) I made in my life. After the session, I am clearer about what direction I need to go with in my life: that includes my personal relationships and my career / work here (in this lifetime). The learning I am here for and my purpose is much clearer to me now! I can see the bigger picture now and what needs to be done in order to move forward with this life. It is fantastic to be able to receive answers directly from my subconscious, especially when I heard something that I haven’t even thought about before. For example, I was surprised to learn that my previous life was in London (as a businessman). Now I can see why I was always drawn to live in London and to work in a business environment. I am planning to follow the advice from my Subconscious because I can feel that it gave me a good clear direction that would benefit me in the long-term. The emotions and feelings during the session were so real and surprising. That just shows how real this hypnotic session is! I would recommend QHHT session to anyone who is curious about their own life – what it’s all about, your purpose here and what you need to do to feel happier.” Elia Strange author of  ‘Your Guide to Happy and Stress-Free Living’
“My Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy was a wonderful experience, hugely beneficial to receive powerful light energy from early on as a star being. In the beginning my body trembled whilst this light was drawn into my physical body. I experienced being the light of that star with other stars we had the same purpose in spreading goodness. Then ‘the call’ came and I experienced being a young boy who’s life was cut short, this was too short, so I then chose to come back into this life now to continue my purpose – the same purpose from the beginning, spreading goodness. My wife and son were in my previous incarnation when I was a young boy, my wife was my mother and my son was my father, we have a soul connection. This has touched my heart, I feel emotional I’m changed, my important life questions were answered, words can’t describe this experience!”  
“Working with Natalie was an absolute pleasure, it was clear her intent was completely client focused with an aim to make you feel supported and relaxed. The guided quantum healing hypnosis was a cherished experience where an in-depth access to the sub-conscious was achieved and so much life supporting information provided. The guidance was coupled with Natalie’s extensive background knowledge in evidence based modalities providing structured and relative information for the current life path and situations moving forward. The most beautiful gift this work brings is to recognise who you truly are. I sincerely thank Natalie for facilitating the session.”  
Laura M
“I decided to meet with Natalie to work on grief, and emotional issues that create havoc with my physical well-being. Natalie is such a positive, bright, honest and inspiring person. I decided the have the quantum healing to give me time to really focus. I loved the session and it gave me a lot to think about and explore after. I am so sure both of the lives shown are why I have had to try and bring some comfort to both Ex-refugees in Kosovo and Refugee children from Burma.. By a bizarre life chance I ended up supporting Shan refugees who are Buddhist  by religion.. Possible the same tribe from the regression :0) x .  the regression has made me connect to why I needed to send some healing when I did… Closure for the woman who felt frustrated at her life that she never fully appreciated her children and life until it was gone… In this life that energy has reached off to bring smiles to children that are not mine… I would highly recommend Natalie.” Linda D M QHHT 
“Hi Natalie, I wanted to thank you for the session the other day. It has been a truly deep and amazing experience. I have listened to the recording and I have these images and strong emotions which have re-surfaced in these last days. They have filled me with love, compassion and an immensity. The outlook on my life and life itself is more serene and peaceful. For this I am grateful.”
“I had my first ever hypnosis session with Natalie today. We did a past life regression and it was a very interesting experience. Natalie is a very warm and comforting person which made it easier for me to be calm and relax into the process. Her dog Kenny also helped! 🙂 I would recommend Natalie to anyone who wants to find out more about their past and their purpose, and I hope my travels take me to London again soon so that I can do another session!” 
“Was a beautiful experience. Resolved things that were unhealthy such as past ties and other personal things. I really recommend Natalie to anyone who is going through a spiritual awakening or moments of psychological or physical pain. She is great in Quantum Healing Hypnosis as well where I discovered many things about myself and my life purpose. Thanks again Nat” 
“I am glad I decided to have a QHHT session with Natalie. This is definitely a turning point in my life. I came all the way from Belgium to have this session, and even though I was very nervous, Natalie managed to calm me down and reassure me. She was very helpful and caring. I immediately knew I could trust her. This was a special moment. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I now feel connected to myself and balanced. Most of all, it’s all the energy I could feel and still feel now that is so very special. This is an amazing gift, and I am grateful for Natalie’s kindness. Thank you Natalie for facilitating this session!” 
Jessica Houba
“An absolutely amazing experience. The first part of the session helped to personalise the experience, and place the questions that you may have as part of the greater context within your life. The hypnosis part of the session is guided by Natalie, as your own subconscious draws you to which experiences are most relevant. The answers come from within you, which makes the experience easy to reconcile with your ‘conscience’. I also benefited from self-healing, and guidance to develop my self-healing. I would recommend this experience for integrating your conscious and subconscious desires, as part of a bigger picture of existence. It also re-affirmed that the you often have the answers to the questions that you have. Many, many thanks.”
“I came to see Natalie for a QHHT session all the way from Israel. I liked and felt I can trust her when I first talked with her on Skype. The information I’ve got from my subconscious was and is very helpful and refreshing. I know I can use it to change my life for the better. Natalie is very kind, caring, gives her full attention and make you feel that you are safe with her and that she will do her best to help you get to a better place – fiscally, emotionally and spiritually. I’m grateful for making this trip.” 
Roni Valensi 
writer QHHT
I met with Natalie for a QHHT session. I felt safe and comfortable in the space Natalie created. She balances professionalism and tending to energy and spiritual needs. Being able to listen to the session afterwards in your own time is really useful too. I would recommend Natalie to help you learn more about yourself, and give yourself the space to ask questions you find your daily life stops you from listening to the answers. Things I have learnt from our session have stayed with me.”
“A unique and life-changing opportunity to journey through the brightest memories of existence in order to fully understand your deepest desires together with fulfilling the higher purpose that will help you finally merge with the world’s true harmony and pure happiness.” 
“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for my session with you last week. It was an incredible experience! It took a good few days to process it all and I can definitely say I feel a difference. I feel more confident and at peace with myself, I can’t thank you enough. I felt so safe with you and it was a pleasure to meet you.” 
“I originally booked a regression therapy session out of curiosity and was a little worried about how it was going to go… But Natalie made me feel completely at ease and I had a really enjoyable session. I will definitely do it again! Highly recommend Natalie as a professional and very friendly therapist.” 
“I had an incredible Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with Natalie – which gave me the right information and insight that will help me move forward with some “stuck” areas of my (current) life. I am excited to work with her again in the future!”
“I would like to say thank you so much for a beautiful session last week. I found some time to listen to the recording and it all makes sense. I need to do some work myself but I think i understand now that the only thing I need to change is the way I think. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. You are a natural healer and I wish you all the best for the future.” 
“Thanks for facilitating the session yesterday, i found it to be very interesting with what information came up! Its given me alot of clarity in how i will move forward from here to the next point. Ive listened to it again and its quite detailed with interesting stuff. I will keep you updated with developments and recommend you to associates”
“Thanks for the very interesting session. The subconscious always chooses lives that are most relevant to the current situation, whether this is in relation to a person’s character (as in my case) or in disease. It was fascinating to be on “the other side” being a subject of hypnosis rather than being the hypnotist. In fact, I should have done this years ago!!” 
“It has been on reflection simply amazing – and so enlightening – spirit really did show me lives I needed to see to help me with the questions I came with. I now know about and trust this stuff – but still it is astounding.”
Group Testimonial: “Your group regression worked well for me. It started slowly as during the warmup phase I only got faint impressions. The past life regression worked better as the experience had considerably more content. I was surprised that it seemed like familiar cartoons, both figures and the environment – Disney Cinderella, cottage in woods, man with ax, another man dressed like a musketeer, a fight.  The guardian process brought up a teacher I had met long ago and the future life progression brought the same teacher back for further discussions. There were certainly some notable points that came out of these sessions. What is not clear is how “independent” the information source is, because those points align with y current belief structure. I was surprised to have “experienced” as much as I did and I have more confidence about my QHHT session coming up in three weeks. I will try to prepare for it by working on visualisations.  I thank you for allowing me to participate in your group – it was a pleasure. My one regret is not meeting you when we were living in Europe.”

Quantum Healing testimonial on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPA-ra6GgvM – Nicky of Divine Love Healing.

Quantum Healing (QHHT) with Past Life Regression sessions are held in Bournemouth, Dorset but as you can see from the above testimonials, my clients travel not just from Dorset and London, but from outside the UK. Get in touch today to book your QHHT session.