Do you know where the term “Life Coaching” comes from?

If you think it comes from athletic coaching, it’s actually the other way around.

The term “coaching” developed at Oxford University in England in the 1830’s, where it was used as slang for a kind of tutoring that would help students pass their exams.

Why did they call it “coaching”? Well, if you had to travel in those times, to get from Point A to Point B, you would take a horse-drawn coach.

So if you were going to London, you might “coach” to London.
And if you were trying to pass your exams at Oxford University, you might “be coached” through your exams.

For decades the term remained local slang. Then, when England began to professionalise sports, and they were looking for a way to describe a professional who helped athletes improve, they borrowed this term and invented the role of the athletic coach.

We call the invention of the term “coaching” the First Wave of Coaching.

For the Second Wave of Coaching we need to fast-forward 130 years to Phoenix, Arizona.

Rumours were growing about a psychiatrist named Dr. Milton Erickson, who was able to transform practically any patient.

And his methods were quite mysterious.

So a curious scholar named Jay Haley journeyed to the desert to learn from him.

What he discovered, did NOT disappoint.

In fact Erickson’s approach was so unlike anything ever seen before, it took Haley 12 years to crack the code.

The resulting book, Uncommon Therapy, transformed the field of psychology.

Erickson’s work became world-famous.

He also discovered how coaching works.

You see, in those days, psychology primarily focused on the past.

If a person – let’s call him Peter – was having a hard time, the psychologist would seek answers in the past, for instance in Peter’s childhood.

But Erickson’s work is present focused.

To help Peter, Erickson would seek to understand what Peter wants right now. The belief being that once we understand Peter’s present goals, we can uncover the obstacles holding him back, and find a solution.

So while most psychologists in those days were rooting around in people’s childhoods – often dragging out a patient’s therapy for months or even years -, Erickson was creating far more accelerated and effective results for one person after another.

This breakthrough earned him the moniker the “Mozart of Positive Change.”

Of course, nobody referred to Erickson’s work as coaching.
Because coaching didn’t exist yet.

But… this was the spark which ignited the coaching revolution.

You see, one of Erickson’s early proteges was named Cloe Madanes – a psychologist who went on to develop Strategic Family Therapy and Brief Therapy, a form of treatment which forever transformed the field.

And another student of Erickson’s work was a young man named…
…Tony Robbins – the creator and developer of what would become known in our modern day-and-age as Life Coaching.

It was in this Third Wave of Coaching, Tony and a handful of coaches began to define what coaching is.

Specifically, Tony turned Erickson’s change strategies into a conversational way of quickly helping anybody.

In fact, he found a way to use these methods anywhere – a corporate office, a client’s living room, and even onstage in front of an audience of thousands!

So now, working together, we are able to harness combined knowledge and insights and bring them all together into an effective and efficient approach.

“Rogers Adoption Curve.” is a pattern that we see whenever something new goes mainstream – from something that barely anyone is using… to something that everybody uses. It doesn’t matter what it is that’s being adopted – whether it’s the automobile, or internet shopping, or a new fashion statement, or a new dietary practice – the pattern is always the same.

It starts small, with only a few passionate people doing it. These are the innovators.

Then more people learn about it and give it a try. These are the early adopters who like to find the “next big thing.”

Then the majority of people catch on and start doing it.

At this point, millions of people are seeing the benefits, jumping on board, and adopting it. Within a short time this thing, which was rare a few years earlier, becomes universal.

We saw it with smartphones.

At the beginning, only a few “techy” people were using smartphones, which were considered a luxury.

Remember that?

Now everybody relies on a smartphone.

Do you see how coaching is following this pattern?

It went from an obscure slang term at Oxford… to a luxury service used by superstars… to a practice that now serves millions of people in every walk of life.

Coaching is becoming the new standard for leadership, growth, and positive change.

This means that there are millions of people who, just ten years ago, would never have dreamed of hiring a coach. But now they’re thinking about it. Perhaps you know somebody like that.

So who is hiring coaches?

Parents looking for help with their kids and families.

Baby Boomers going through a life transition.

People looking to upgrade their fitness, health, and positive habits.
Business owners trying to balance life and work.

Couples looking for greater cooperation and happiness.

You name it – all kinds of people are hiring coaches.

I took the Robbins Madanes Training to learn and become a Strategic Interventionist many years ago to add to my repertoire of personal behavioural change models like Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming – to meet that demand and facilitate this approach full time Monday’s to Fridays get in touch to book your Life Coaching and NLP session either via Zoom anywhere in the world or in person in Dorset.

Thank you Mark Peysha of RMT for the above post.

I enjoyed this Metaphysical Radio Show Interview with Julia Cannon daughter of the QHHT founder Dolores Cannon regarding the background and expereince of Level 3 QHHT Practitioners. We chatted about my background and discovery of Dolores Cannon and her method of awareness and healing, my QHHT training was with Dolores herself in 2011. I’ve facilitated Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy ever since contributing to quantum awareness, freedom and awakening every day:

I first supported Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon with students training in Quantum Healing Hypnosis QHHT many years ago, and last year with Suzanne Spooner and this year with Kaya Wittenburg. The classes are full of awakened warm caring souls with the desire to facilitate individuals to discover more about their real selves and achieve personal and spiritual growth with this advanced method of discovery.

It was truly a pleasure and I was extremely busy answering so many questions and giving feedback. It was heart warming to hear how the contribution had been received by the students with lots of hugs and some also wrote on my facebook page, they really are so big hearted and full of appreciation as I took one week out from my Quantum Healing, Life Coaching and NLPHypnotherapy practice in Bournemouth, Dorset to assist.

I was also filmed for an opportunity with Gaia TV as a client myself having an enlightening and healing expereince with my own QHHT session and also again as the practitioner facilitating an amazing session, and again as I gave a recount of one of the life changing sessions a lady had recently which is listed under my testimonials. I await in anticipation of what will be shown. As my clients are comfortable with the fact that I keep their personal sessions private, so the Gaia TV expererience is an interesting one.

I was invited today to Bournemouth University to deliver a 45 minute talk about the processes I utilise in the treatment of trauma. The students were focussed on a project entitled ‘The contemporary treatment of trauma and mental health’. I detailed the benefits of NLP, Strategic Intervention Life Coaching in particular and what Advanced Hypnotherapy amd QHHT can offer to some as an alternative way of release.

No wonder people travel from all over the country and beyond for their Strategic Intervention Life Coaching and NLPHypnotherapy and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy sessions. Everyone loves the beach and Bournemouth beaches have just won Britains top beaches awards.

I moved from South London in the Summer of 2016 with one idea “beach walks with the dogs” a beautiful space to live and carry on my personal development practice.

Busy in my practice I had faith that when I found this beautiful space in Westbourne, with it’s natural environment and so much to explore outside, that people would enjoy their travel to Bournemouth for their session. Many stay over nearby, where there are numerous B&B’s and Hotels, creating their own mini retreat. For good deals take a look at

Bournemouth Beach Tops Travellers’ Choice Awards Best Beaches 2018! via @YouTube

A young woman Kathleen arrived last week, recommended by her boyfriend and his sister that both took their Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy sessions with me last year. You’ll notice the natural beauty in which the story unfolds, this unfoldment of a QHHT journey is for me a good example of how being open and trusting of your personal experience from the start of your QHHT session leads and builds in detail and depth and in this case, element after element…

Kathleen had suffered from anxietyPTSD, bowel disease and repeated kidney infections and wanted to have a clearer understanding of her life purpose, and why she felt so anxious and disconnected from the world. She also spoke about being visited by aliens (Greys) in the night since childhood, and lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis were a regular occurrence for her.

The scene begins dark then red, there was some intense light, and she felt emotional, then red with dark shapes including circles in fire and feelings of being really hot, like the fire was dancing all around her. She saw a beach and black rocks and the sky, she said; “The red teases me and feels heavy, it’s dancing, red flows through everything, I feel connected to it. The black rock is part of a volcano, and my feet feel nice in the water”.

The scene turns white and she sees an eye, then the red again and tears as she said, “I do not want to be here”.

She went through a tunnel, it opened up under water and from underneath she could see boats floating above and fishing, lines being thrown in. She became very calm and at peace as she sunk down further away from the surface of the water and started to feel heavy as the water became dark. She felt connected with the water without a separate body,

“That’s really strong!” she said and became emotional, with the realisation of being the ocean.

“I am not scared, I am part of it.” She saw sunshine rippling on the surface, it was a really nice temperature. She continued to observe the boats and the fisherman’s hooks from this perspective. “It’s relaxing and calm, it just is… It’s everything… I am the water, the Spirit of water.” She sighed. “Trees are above me. I feel One. It feels really nice.” (Becomes emotional again).

She looked at an oak tree and smiled. She saw the tops of some old boats and the reflection of the trees.

The sky changed colour and became darker, and colder. The boats had gone, and it was peaceful. She smiled “The trees are dancing in the wind for me… I know them.” She cried, “Life is just breathing and I’m breathing with it too.” Clouds floated past in the dark night sky, and it started to rain. (She laughs.) “The sea is part of everything.”

Droplets appeared above. “Everything is moving but I am changing, I’m going up! The clouds are getting closer and it’s really nice, I’m going into the cloud, it’s less heavy. I can see birds going past now, a dove, a white bird. I’m looking at the trees from above, it feels like I know everything. I am not scared of anything because I just am. I am here. There’s bits of electricity around me, I don’t mind, it’s loud like thunder but I don’t mind.”

The sky starts to clear as it becomes lighter. She feels she is back in the water again, and sees the trees again. “I see red again… (Emotional) the trees are on fire, I don’t like it and I can’t do anything, the trees were my friends, the fire takes them away… I’m being blown now, I see little spirals, I feel really cool and lighter too. Green, blue colours, I’m going through everything now fast… I don’t care I just need to let go. I am everything! It feels wonderful!” (She was emotional in joy.)

“This body is limitless I can’t feel pain because there is no receptacle because I feel so wonderful! I just am. There’s lots of movement, back and forth, up and down and around. I can see the fire again… This time I feel like I am blowing around the fire. We are working together” Then she blows out through her mouth. “Its like I can be anything. It’s getting lighter, energy, life is just flowing its just breathing, I am just here and it is so amazing. It’s not trying to command me and I’m not trying to command it. I see a wave of white light dancing around me. I still see the trees. I still see the orbs moving in the sky. I can be in the trees or just in the ground. It just feels really good, this is like my home… “ Said with tears of emotion.

“A big bubble just went over me and moved me… There is something coming from the sky, dropping through the sky. It broke the clouds up and came through, I’m underneath it. It’s a red smoky sky and theres things dropping out of it. Things flying fast. I see a spaceship made of glass, its shiny, in dimensions I’ve never seen before, 3D and it’s coming down towards me. It opens up like a flower from the bottom of the spaceship, there are blue lights. They pull me up. She becomes emotional again.

“I have a different body with gold shoes,I’m carrying a stick with a crystal on the end, I feel strong, I feel like I want to go home. There are black things falling out of the sky, its like a war. There is a ship, but I feel like I need to stay, I need to help. But I want to go home, I feel like I don’t really know what to do. The ship looks really beautiful, and everything else is dark and not nice. I have long fingers, 4 of them! I feel like I’m the only one that’s here, there’s no-one like me. The crystal on my stick is pale blue I can put it in the ground and I can feel everything…”

This androgynous being researches and helps most of its time.

“I want to heal but theres a lot of bad things happening. I don’t know where I am. It feels like one of those things is going to fall on me.”

It then turns white everywhere and feels really good, this scene has transitioned into being with the light and reviewing what had happened in the life before.

“There are energies around me, I’m still, I don’t want to leave, its warm and safe. They’re talking to me, I talk about my life. I was happy to just be. I wanted to heal people but there were a lot of horrible things happening around me.”

I asked what was the learning?

“I just carry on, and didn’t need to let it effect me. I feel like I could tap into the energy of everything, not letting any bad go into me. I went into them and made it good and I feel like now somebody is giving me a big hug!”

The Subconscious spoke through her and offered further information about the learnings from the experience: Fire: Represented that she feels so angry sometimes. Water / Cloud / elements: “She can be part of everything. She can take something from each of those to help her. She needs to let go to feel connected to the natural world. Everything happens as its meant to happen, the cycle, she doesn’t need to worry. Everything is how it is meant to be. She knows.” Alien: ‘She has the ability now to heal. She always had that, she can start now. Just let go. She knows she’s powerful.” White Light: “She was with the Angels.

The Subconscious discussed her purpose,“Healing and making people happy, she has a lot of love and doesn’t know what to do with it. She needs to find a teacher to help her and meditate and just be in the now.”

When asked about the Alien visitations the Subconscious said, “We don’t want to frighten her, she gets scared about this. Nothing is going to hurt her, It’s happening for a reason. She just needs to meditate and be calm, not scared, They’re trying to help, and she needs to let them.”

She wanted to know why she felt so disconnected from reality, SC: “I think she already knows this, she gets stuck in the past or the future, stuck in something that is not in the now. She travels a lot. She needs to learn now how to not feel scared. Meditation and just being calm will help and we will help with this. She needs to trust herself.”

She wanted to know what to do with her lucid dreaming. The SC replied. “Creating, they are for her to learn to create and manifest. A tool to manifest and banish any bad and learn how to make good and be more lucid in her waking life and dreams.”

She had suffered from Anxiety much of her life and PTSD from childhood, bowel disease and kidney infections. The Subconscious gave information regarding the kidney infections. “Don’t try to fight it, don’t hold onto it. She holds on, feeding off energies and doesn’t know how to fight it. Just let it flow through, don’t fight it. She needs to protect herself and meditation will help her with this.”

The Subconscious confirmed it was giving healing to her stomach, and said, “Keep the hands clean, as they are her tools.” Energy rippled through her torso and chest as I observed the blanket rippling that covered her. “She needs to let go, let things flow.” Her chest was opened energetically because she had held onto a lot the SC said. “She needs to learn to breathe, open up and stay protected. Meditation will help her be more active with her body and find it easier to clear negativity and be more open to healing. She’ll notice these changes straight away.”

She was reminded to “Remember love!”

Feedback provided a few days later:

“When I arrived for my QHHT session I felt very anxious, but I left feeling the exact opposite. Natalie made me feel at ease right away, and I had the most beautiful, freeing experience, like nothing I was expecting. I left feeling totally calm and at one with everything. That night, I slept better than I had done in ages – no strange dreams or sleep paralysis which is something I’d been struggling with for a while. It’s been a day since I’ve had the session, and that feeling of calm and content is still very much present, I am looking forward to continuing my life’s journey with a new perspective and a new love for the world and all of its beauty. Thank you Natalie :)”

Quantum Healing Hypnosis with Past Life Regression appointments are available in Bournemouth, Dorset.

A lady of a little under 80 years of age told me about her life in her pre talk when she came for her QHHT session recently. We also spoke about Dolores Cannon and I mentioned the last time I saw her physically was whilst supporting her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Training for the day in Glastonbury. I explained I was asked to be the subject and told that two separate students would work on me, and one life would have a body and the other was to not have a body. In this class demonstration I would not receive the QHHT induction for this either. This was to show the class the kind of experiences that can happen. I spoke about this to let this lady know that Quantum Healing can be so easy, as real past lives had come forward in that class for me without an actual induction. I feel this lady may have taken on my experience in this instance for herself, as after she went to the bathroom, I had suggested she could lay down and relax whilst I then use the bathroom before we would proceed into the hypnosis part. When I got back I told her that I would tell her a little more about what to expect. When I came back into the room, she said she was already having an experience and seeing things, this was a first for me as I normally would start with the induction before any sort of experience or past life regression emerged. I asked what she could see, and she started to describe a scene where she was looking at a Native American Chief talking to a group of Native Americans around a large fire. She was a little girl wearing a band around her head with a single feather, we explored a little more before she started to have a different past life experience automatically. We call this leap frogging in QHHT.

She started to explain she could see that she was around 5 or 6 years of age sitting on a stone step in a flimsy dress in a large green garden in England and we explored some scenes from that life before she leap frogged again to being a boy on a Greek Island running over rocks that were wet by the sea. He was quite a wild child, with poor parents and he did not have an education. One day an older man came and asked whether he could take the boy to live with him so he could teach him. The parents agreed and he learned to read and write whilst being home tutored in a City within what looked like Cyprus. He eventually became a scholar and read a lot in a room surrounded by books and at home with an ornate desk with a leather top and he wrote with a quill pen. When he was old he lived as a recluse, and felt that the body was noticeably less energetic. On his last day he sat in his rocking chair with his long white beard surrounded by his books and drifted off naturally as he passed on. This was a life of education, but on reflection he noticed this was a selfish life in a way as he did not share his knowledge with other people, although when living the life it did not occur to him that it seemed the wrong thing to do.

Incredible Light Beings took him as he passed, they had telepathic communication, “I know I have to be a women in the next life.” Some time was spent as she adjusted with a company of Light Beings. She was observing the best play to be a part for her next life… Then coloured energy started to be experienced, starting with a pale violet. She said, “I am going to absorb that. I am going to work with colour and healing.”

She then experienced floating over London seeing Saint Pauls Cathedral and noticing all the many people down below as dots in a hustle and bustle of activity. She came down without a body and could sense she was walking around with people and through buildings just taking colour and light to all these beings and places.

She said, “I am using so many different colours it’s instinctive what to use in the different places. The different hues, colours and sounds as each colour has a sound of it’s own. Some people are aware and can sense what is going on and others are not. I am sent out as a messenger and a scout as I collect information to take back to a kind of spiritual hub. Others also do this, it’s about bringing much more light, healing and awareness to people. Next time I have to have a physical form, but I am not ready yet to go. This light is like a language transmitting to Earth making people aware of how to live differently and to make it not so dense. With this light they come into being in their light, changing structure, and know what they can do.

She then leap frogged again into a scene where she watched the Elementals in a beautiful garden full of colour. She could hear the birds, see so much greenery around her and a waterfall. There were fairy beings and sparks which are fire elementals. “I have to be very quiet and still. They are doing their job in the nature kingdom. It’s a healing experience. Now I know I can come here anytime for healing. I cannot take anyone else here as they would not see them anyway. I can use this for my own experience.”

Another leap frog experience came forth, this time living within a strong German family as a boy with two older and one younger siblings, a mother and a father. They ate stodgey food that he did not like but had to eat it in silence. School was another strict atmosphere in an all boys school and when he finally left he was relieved, but did not know what to do for a living. He eventually taught language, German and English which he enjoyed as he did this from his own apartment after he left his family home. He felt free from pressure and independent in his own apartment and there was enough room to have students come to him. His hobbies were cycling, running and exercise and he felt fit.

After these lives were shown, the Subconscious confirmed these experience came in for awareness as they related to her Soul, as they are part of her, part of her experience.

She wanted to help her adult child’s condition in this life, she had been very angry for years with a severe skin condition. The SC sought permission for remote healing, and confirmed she needed to release fear to experience freedom. The outer body peels away and she has to be strong and let go of fear regarding it. Be happy and step beyond it as only she can do that.

Further questions were answered by the Subconscious including karmic relationship questions where she found out that she was the son of her now son and he was the father in a previous past life.

She had successfully brought into this current life her healing abilities in speaking to help others and using colour therefore is on track in this life with her purpose.

The Subconscious gave her healing and said it was making the physical body strong and kept the energy flowing unobstructed around the organs of the body. The body is getting lighter and lighter the SC stated. Then some coloured energy came through Blue and then Dark Green and after some minutes Dark Purple.

She said she felt really good when guided to full awareness. I loved the way this wonderful lady was determined to be open and willing to commit to the experience even though she had emphasised concerns over the telephone twice as she booked the session and in her pre talk of possibly not being able to let go and go deep enough for the session. And then to discover so much about her souls journey and purpose even without an induction!

Quantum Healing Hypnosis with Past Life Regression appointments are available in Bournemouth, Dorset. Please contact me to discuss availability.

As an NLP / SI Life Coach it is easy to facilitate individuals to realise what they can do to take charge of their emotional state and choose how they want to be. Where necessary any emotional triggers from the past are released in the session, then processes and goals are focussed on going forwards.  This means change starts wth conscious realisations how you can apply yourself differently to create positive change and with repetition these conscious choices become a way of being in reality.

Hypnotherapy can be experienced in addition to utilising the personal development processes with your own personalised recording to play daily this works in additition to what has been established in the session and builds your own new chosen habits at a subconscious level.

The following testimonial is from a recent session, Natasha suffered anxiety for many years and this had effected her appetite to the extent she found it hard to eat. After a single session she really felt the changes that she implemented within 3 days made a great difference and she has since been able to eat and feel good. This is what she said;

“I came to see Natalie with a long term problem of anxiety, something I knew I needed to heal and gain control of. After a two hour session with her, I left feeling more positive and inspired. She gave me some great techniques and tips to focus on and repeat that I was able to practice at home. After three days they made a difference. I’m two weeks on from my hypnotherapy session and I feel more motivated and ready to move into a new phase of my life. Thank you so much Natalie for putting me onto this wonderful path!” – Natasha

Please contact me if you suffer from anxiety. I can offer a Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy for Anxiety appointment to help you.

Each individual that experiences QHHT has their own unique experience, I’ve noticed that the needs or the interest of the person is what usually gets focussed on most. If somebody is more interested in healing they get more energy healing and advice from the Subconscious surrounding this in how to help themselves going forwards. Food advice is often received, and if there was one message I hear above all else within Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy sessions from the Subconscious (Higher Self) is that the person needs to meditate. If the individual has more of an interest in learning about their lineage and other lives, then there is more focus on Past Life Regression and often Parallel Lives. Often more than one life is experienced, frequently showing opposites in experiences and often includes a Quantum experience without a body. And if the individual is more interested in getting some questions answered, then more of an in depth account transpires here. However mostly, a good balance of all is received. Occasionally sessions become more like a channeling. I maintain, as Dolores Canon did, that the Subconscious will not give more information than the individual can handle and your experience will be in alignment with how open you are on your journey.

A recent session was with a man that did not have health issues, he wanted general personal healing and spiritual growth from his personal Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session. The only issue he spoke of was of losing confidence at the beginning of speaking in a group and would like to have more confidence here.

This session started as the experience of light spinning, unfolding into being in a tomb and tending to it. He had long hair and wore white. There was a table with a dead body on it and tools were being used on it to prepare the body. He lived in the temple at the time of Ra. What we call a leap frog experience spontaneously happened, this is where the Subconscious moves a person’s awareness from one life to another. His sight was drawn to some steps and as he followed them, he was in a different era and scene entirely wearing puffy pantaloons, and gold rings with elaborate stones. He was, in his words, fat as an older man with a beard, drinking wine from a goblet, and he got drunk a lot. His name was Henry and he lived in a castle, he didn’t trust anyone, only the servant. He got married to a woman with red hair and events unfolded until he eventually died with his wife and some other people there tending to him, he was sick with a disease and overweight. Looking back at the life from a spirit point of view, he recognised he had an abusive way, he had much power and greed, with no love, he was rude and aggressive. The learning from that life was to remember the lessons, and keep being nice to people…:)

Every now and again throughout the experience he would see a bird like eagle, then it transitioned into a man type bird. He went into a cloud and floated, and saw the bird there again. They have a little laugh whilst they observed a planet. All seemed quite ammusing from this point of view and they enjoyed themselves. He felt really chilled looking at the stars and had a floaty energy in the Cosmos. He then observed energy coming to planet Earth, the purpose of which was to assist with increasing the energetic vibration. He could really feel this energy healing himself also. As sometimes happens when healing has been experienced, he needed to go to the toilet, this is a release of what no longer serves including toxic emotions. When he returned to the therapy room, we picked up where he left off and he then saw the Sun and felt ‘energetically fuzzy’, he was receiving another healing as he observed the Sun providing Healing to earth and the Universe also.

The bird reappeared and transitioned again, this time into a woman dressed in white, she showed him a Native American Elder with a large feather head dress. “He is happy with me and is healing me.” He said, “You are me and I am you.” “He’s been telling me for ages I have strength and wisdom, but with power comes responsibility and I am still learning. I need to wise up and keep doing the meditation and keep healing myself. I had many lives. My energies are changing, he is helping my head now, his hands are on my head. Meditate, don’t lower your energies. Avoid negative people, I can’t help them, you need to help yourself and that will help others. The Indian man says be wise. The white woman is an Angel.”

I called in the Subconscious (Higher Self) to clarify some of what had been detailed and answer his 6 life questions he had handed me before the session. The Subconscious confirmed that the bird he kept witnessing was because this is a soul connection and is always with him. He is on the right path and has received DNA activation. His gifts are to help others and love. He feels their energy. He can connect to Source for Healing, stay grounded and be in nature it is good for him, meditate (the higher self says this so often in QHHT.) Healthy eating will help ground him and being with people he loves. If he wants to go to the New Earth he can. He needs to connect to Earth. Move with Earth. He’s trying and is doing ok. He can move his attention from his head to his heart.

His son has Addisons disease, remote healing was given with permission from his son’s Subconscious (S.C.), to do remote healing we must seek permission from the subjects Subconscious as free will is important. The S.C. said this healing had been done before and continued now. He is Love. Nature will help him, he got scared coming to Earth and fought it at birth, that is why he was premature. He has many guides, he is an Angel, a Light, he is going to help people.

The S.C. focussed on the body and stated; “This body is turbo charged. Give this to other people by being with them, you can help them.” “He has changed a lot.”

In regards to the confidence issues in speaking to groups the Subconscious said that he needs to ground himself and not overthink it too much and confidence will come, the S.C. agreed to help him.

The last message received from the S.C. was; “He knows. It doesn’t matter what path you take – you have fate.”

As he came back to conscious awareness, he said he could still feel the Native Indian man’s hands on his head. He felt really energised and felt the energy vibration even after the session. He said he really enjoyed this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session and would love for his wife to do it also.

As in all matters someone else cannot be pushed. When you feel the time is right then get in touch to discover more about yourself to develop your awareness, recondition yourself to the truth and grow.

The following post highlights some of what is focussed on in the Strategic Intervention Life Coaching sessions I facilitate, the post is written by my teacher and founder of SI Life Coaching Anthony Robbins.

“Without language, we find ourselves living in a state of emotional chaos. Our brain has given us the potential to communicate in extraordinary ways and the way we choose to do so can improve the neural functioning of the brain. In fact, a single word has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress. If we do not continually exercise the brain’s language centers, we cripple our neurological ability to deal with the problems we encounter with each other.” – Dr. Andrew Newberg, Words Can Change Your Brain

Habitual emotional vocabulary shapes and controls much of our emotional experiences in life – the labels we put upon our experience become our experience.

Today, let’s take a look at how you can transform the quality of your entire life simply by becoming conscious of what habitual vocabulary you use for negative emotions, and shifting them with words that break your patterns and provide you with new and better emotional choices.

Your assignment is very simple: Below you’ll see my 10-day challenge. I call it “Watch Your TV,” watch your “Transformational Vocabulary.” The labels you attach to your experience can transform the way you feel. Again, it’s not hard to realize that if you habitually take any intense emotion and say it’s “depressing,” it’s going to feel very different than if you say you’re feeling a little “down.” Being enraged by somebody’s reaction is very different than being a bit frustrated by their response. Saying to yourself they utterly rejected you, is quite different than they didn’t agree with your suggestion.

The real secret to transforming your life is to wake up and become conscious of the patterns that are currently unconscious and shaping the way you feel.

Ultimately the way we feel determines the quality of your life. You could have whatever you think life’s dream is—building a billion dollar enterprise or a family that totally loves and adores you—but if every single day you live with the emotions of feeling frustrated and angry, then the quality of your life is called frustration and anger—it has nothing to do with the economic opportunities you have, much less the love you are surrounded by.

The quality of our lives is the quality of our emotions.

The power of Transformational Vocabulary is its simplicity. It provides you with an immediate tool to increase the quality of your life. So here are the four steps to your 10-day challenge:


Become conscious of the habitual words you use to describe your unhappy or distressing feelings. Begin to notice the labels you are putting on things.

If you say something like, “I’m so worried about this,” stop yourself and acknowledge that “worry” might be too strong a word. Maybe what you really are is “a little bit concerned.” Monitor your language and make sure your language isn’t exaggerating the intensity of emotions. Or better yet, consciously pick a word that would lower the negative intensity (instead of saying that you are “furious” with someone, describe yourself as being a little “irritated” or “disappointed with their reaction”).

If somebody asks you, “How’s it going?” instead of saying, “Okay,” what would be a word that might put a smile on your face to even say, that would break your own pattern? Like, “You wouldn’t even believe how I’m feeling!” with a smile, to be playful with yourself. Or a simple response like “I’m committed” or “I’m lucky” or “I’m grateful.” And then take a moment to think about what you are grateful for. We often lose sight of what’s beautiful in our life because of a few things that are out of line with our expectations.

My wife Sage is truly a master of this. Her favorite language pattern is when most people would say “S**t” she says, “Sugar doodle,” or when something really brutal happens, she’ll often say “Ooooh Boy.” Her response seems so ridiculous. It’s not that she doesn’t know how difficult things are, but her state of joy is infectious – her language patterns don’t just break her patterns, but mine and everyone’s around her as well. She truly expresses more joy and happiness than anyone I know.


Write down three words you currently use on a regular basis that intensify your negative feelings or emotions. Maybe you use words like “I’m frustrated,” “I’m depressed,” or “I’m humiliated.” Come up with alternative words that will lower the intensity of those negative emotions. Maybe instead of “depressed” you say you are “a little bit down.”

What would happen if instead of saying you feel “humiliated” you say you are “uncomfortable” with how the situation was dealt with? You can soften emotional intensity even further by using modifiers like “I’m just a bit peeved,” or, “I’m feeling a tad out of sorts.”


Write down three words that you use to describe your experience that is somewhat positive. When someone says, “how’s it going?” come up with three alternative words that will amplify and intensify the positive feelings and inspire you. Instead of talking about how things are “all right,” replace those words with “incredible,” “outrageous,” and “spectacular.” What’s a positive word that if you really thought about your whole life, you could say and own congruently?


Get leverage so you follow through. Pick two key people in your life – a close friend and ideally someone you respect that you would not want to disappoint. Pull them aside and explain to them your commitment to replace two or three key words in your vocabulary.

Most importantly, give them permission if they hear you using the old word to ask you if that’s really the word you want to use to explain how you feel. For example: Let them know if you start to say, “John f’n pisses me off,” that you want them to intervene and ask you, “Do you mean John’s behavior frustrates you a bit J?”

I know this sounds ridiculous, but if you are committed, a simple reminder will get you to catch yourself and lower the intensity immediately. It will help you recognize that you have control of your own space in this moment and by simply selecting a different word, you can change the meaning completely. If you do this well, you’ll find yourself smiling while you do it, like an inside joke. But it’s impact is no laughing matter.

Or if you use a phrase like “I’m depressed,” you may want them to ask you, “Hey are you depressed about this, or are you feeling a little bit down?” Are you frustrated or fascinated by how people often respond to things? Making a commitment to make these changes to a dear friend or an important and respected colleague will give you the additional support and incentive to actually follow through and break your own patterns.

By carefully and consciously selecting the words you are attaching to your experiences and doing it for a ten-day period, you’ll find an immediate change in how you feel and this becomes positively addictive. I can tell you for those who have lived this ten-day plan, the experience can be life-changing.

Again, I know it sounds overly simplistic, but if you test it out and are diligent with it for 10 days, you’ll experience a transformation in your emotional patterns – and the emotional patterns we live are what control the quality of our life. You’ll even feel the difference in your body – a lot less pain and a lot more pleasure. Don’t you deserve to have a better quality of life? Plus when you’re in a great state, how do you treat others? The better your state, the more powerful the impact on everyone around you – your businesses, your friends, and your family.