Create your reality instead of facing it. Facing reality is based purely on past beliefs. For a different outcome decide the way that feels best to you and take steps towards that. If you love your life, you are living in the here and now, congratulations! If you are depressed my guess without meeting you yet, is that you are living in the past… If you are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks you have your focus set on a future scenario that may well be the worst scenario and needn’t come into fruition. Power is in being present. Analogies can be made that the subconscious is like an iceberg or a ship with the crew and control room deep beneath the surface and the captain in the smaller protrusion in the tip navigating representing the conscious mind. It’s important to get the navigating set to where and how you best want to be. We can define this in more detail aligned with the real authentic you, but do you really know you is the question and do you know how powerful you really are?

Facing reality is made up of previous beliefs. These may well be outdated as we do have a wide plethora of choices. A good question to ask ourselves everyday is; “Is what I’m doing now, leading me further towards, or further away from my goals?” If you’ve suppressed your ultimate ambition then is now the time to allow your passion to surface? If you could project yourself ten years into the future, what would your future self say to the you now? What advice will it give you?
What support do you currently have? What skill or growth is required? How soon will you instil these benefits? Will you like to utilise professional support? How will what you do benefit others? Create a clear vision of your desire, what does it look like, feel like, any other senses this gives you – this has to be tangible? In small steps you can create big changes as you steer yourself on track in a way that serves you with feel good feelings. Small steps can happen by planning your tomorrow today and to keep doing that so you can add small trigger goals and micr changes to produce the outcomes important to you.
Another great idea is to also set improvement goals e.g. I will get up twenty minutes earlier each day and meditate first before I even touch my iPad! Or I will improve the number of squats I do, or I will buy a Yoga DVD so that no matter what, I do not have an excuse like the weather or time that will hinder my development in fitness. There’s no need to beat yourself up if you do not do this as much as you have intended just improve your goals. Enjoy!

Author: Natalie

As a qualified Advanced Hypnotherapist, a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner™, NLP Trainer and Strategic Intervention Life Coach Natalie Hall facilitates positive inner and outer life change with individuals, couples and groups. Specialising in elimination of psychological blocks, anxiety, paic attacks, fears, habits, PTSD and excess weight whilst creating clarity, empowered choices, confidence, joy and inner fulfilment in alignment with an individuals highest goals and desires. Additionally many people enjoy exploring more about themselves in a past life regression, also highlighting future progress choices with Quantum Healing Hypnosis (the Dolores Cannon method). There are indeed many doors to change, these sessions are dynamic leading to positive changes in the shortest possible time frames. If you are at a point of transition in your relationship, work and life get in touch for your consultation and discover more about yourself at a deeper level so you can rewrite your life story.

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