Create your reality instead of facing it. Facing reality is based purely on past beliefs as we filter our experiences through references of the past. Many of us tend to be habitual in our behaviours and are only alerted that change may be required if we either one of two things, we either want to move away from a situation or we keep thinking about a brighter outcome for ourselves and notice a desire to move towards that. This is known in the Coaching world as a ‘Towards’ pleasure orientation or an “Away’ from pain orientation.

Have you noticed what your tendency is?

Do you move towards a desired outcome or do you tend to only make final step towards a new tomorrow because you want to get away form pain?

For a different outcome decide the way that feels best to you and take steps towards that. If you love your life, you are living in the here and now, congratulations! If you are depressed my guess without meeting you yet, is that you are living in the past… If you are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks you have your focus set on a future worst case scenarios that need not come into fruition. Your Subconscious is driving the bus, it doesn’t know the difference between real or imagined experiences, but it will certainly give you the feelings of what you are focusing on.

Thoughts feel real to us, however we are wired up towards pleasure and we are designed to be ok.

It’s only when our conscious thinking mind overrides this way of presence with a ‘need to do… this or that…’ or over catastrophising that is equivalent of putting your foot on a hose and restricting the flow. If you would like to move forwards with effortless ease, more flow another approach is required. This can be in setting your intent to make this so and the repetition of focus will eventually enable this in a fairy short time frame or we can reset this within NLP or Hypnosis fast or with Transformative Life Coaching.

Power is in being present and by lessening the noise of all those mindless habitual thoughts. Analogies can be made that the subconscious is like an iceberg or a ship with the crew and control room deep beneath the surface and the captain in the smaller protrusion in the tip navigating representing the conscious mind. It’s important to get the set your navigation on how you desire to be. When you follow what feels good with a peaceful mind, more beautiful feelings are available to us and we get to really know our authentic selves to really create our heaven on Earth. Never the follower and always the leader from within. This is what we call in Transformative Life Coaching an ‘Inside out understanding’.

A good question to ask ourselves often is; “Is what I’m doing now, leading me further towards, or further away from my goals?” If you’ve suppressed your ultimate ambition then is now the time to allow your passion to surface? If you could project yourself ten years into the future, what would your future self say to the you now? What advice will it give you?
What support do you currently have, or what skill or growth is required? How soon would you like to instil a fresh way of being and living and would you like professional support? How will you being the way you want to be or doing what you want to do benefit others? Create a clear vision of your desire, what does it look like, feel like, any other senses this gives you – this has to be tangible? In small steps you can create big changes as you steer yourself on track in a way that serves you with feel good feelings. Small steps can happen by planning your tomorrow today and to keep doing that so you can add small trigger goals and micro changes to produce the outcomes important to you.
Another way of ensuring you are creating what you want is in using Self-Hypnosis as you can enjoy simply creating a ritual of allowing space for yourself, it’s also possible to ask a single question at a time and then wait for the answer in the stillness of your presence, often the answer comes in intuition or feelings, sometimes for the visually oriented it can be a symbol or image. The language of the mind is symbolic and sensory, so pay attention to your senses. Ideas seem to flow more freely when we allow some space between thoughts. You can also use ‘auto-suggestions’ e.g. my current one at the moment is “I will have a deep restorative sleep until 6am and will awaken refreshed.” Self Hypnosis can also be used for wellbeing and ‘Healing Hypnosis’, I cover this in the monthly evening group Self Hypnosis Masterclass and you are welcome to join by being in touch to let me know to include you. See you then. Enjoy!

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