A lady of a little under 80 years of age told me about her life in her pre talk when she came for her QHHT session recently. We also spoke about Dolores Cannon and I mentioned the last time I saw her physically was whilst supporting her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Training for the day in Glastonbury. I explained I was asked to be the subject and told that two separate students would work on me, and one life would have a body and the other was to not have a body. In this class demonstration I would not receive the QHHT induction for this either. This was to show the class the kind of experiences that can happen. I spoke about this to let this lady know that Quantum Healing can be so easy, as real past lives had come forward in that class for me without an actual induction. I feel this lady may have taken on my experience in this instance for herself, as after she went to the bathroom, I had suggested she could lay down and relax whilst I then use the bathroom before we would proceed into the hypnosis part. When I got back I told her that I would tell her a little more about what to expect. When I came back into the room, she said she was already having an experience and seeing things, this was a first for me as I normally would start with the induction before any sort of experience or past life regression emerged. I asked what she could see, and she started to describe a scene where she was looking at a Native American Chief talking to a group of Native Americans around a large fire. She was a little girl wearing a band around her head with a single feather, we explored a little more before she started to have a different past life experience automatically. We call this leap frogging in QHHT.

She started to explain she could see that she was around 5 or 6 years of age sitting on a stone step in a flimsy dress in a large green garden in England and we explored some scenes from that life before she leap frogged again to being a boy on a Greek Island running over rocks that were wet by the sea. He was quite a wild child, with poor parents and he did not have an education. One day an older man came and asked whether he could take the boy to live with him so he could teach him. The parents agreed and he learned to read and write whilst being home tutored in a City within what looked like Cyprus. He eventually became a scholar and read a lot in a room surrounded by books and at home with an ornate desk with a leather top and he wrote with a quill pen. When he was old he lived as a recluse, and felt that the body was noticeably less energetic. On his last day he sat in his rocking chair with his long white beard surrounded by his books and drifted off naturally as he passed on. This was a life of education, but on reflection he noticed this was a selfish life in a way as he did not share his knowledge with other people, although when living the life it did not occur to him that it seemed the wrong thing to do.

Incredible Light Beings took him as he passed, they had telepathic communication, “I know I have to be a women in the next life.” Some time was spent as she adjusted with a company of Light Beings. She was observing the best play to be a part for her next life… Then coloured energy started to be experienced, starting with a pale violet. She said, “I am going to absorb that. I am going to work with colour and healing.”

She then experienced floating over London seeing Saint Pauls Cathedral and noticing all the many people down below as dots in a hustle and bustle of activity. She came down without a body and could sense she was walking around with people and through buildings just taking colour and light to all these beings and places.

She said, “I am using so many different colours it’s instinctive what to use in the different places. The different hues, colours and sounds as each colour has a sound of it’s own. Some people are aware and can sense what is going on and others are not. I am sent out as a messenger and a scout as I collect information to take back to a kind of spiritual hub. Others also do this, it’s about bringing much more light, healing and awareness to people. Next time I have to have a physical form, but I am not ready yet to go. This light is like a language transmitting to Earth making people aware of how to live differently and to make it not so dense. With this light they come into being in their light, changing structure, and know what they can do.

She then leap frogged again into a scene where she watched the Elementals in a beautiful garden full of colour. She could hear the birds, see so much greenery around her and a waterfall. There were fairy beings and sparks which are fire elementals. “I have to be very quiet and still. They are doing their job in the nature kingdom. It’s a healing experience. Now I know I can come here anytime for healing. I cannot take anyone else here as they would not see them anyway. I can use this for my own experience.”

Another leap frog experience came forth, this time living within a strong German family as a boy with two older and one younger siblings, a mother and a father. They ate stodgey food that he did not like but had to eat it in silence. School was another strict atmosphere in an all boys school and when he finally left he was relieved, but did not know what to do for a living. He eventually taught language, German and English which he enjoyed as he did this from his own apartment after he left his family home. He felt free from pressure and independent in his own apartment and there was enough room to have students come to him. His hobbies were cycling, running and exercise and he felt fit.

After these lives were shown, the Subconscious confirmed these experience came in for awareness as they related to her Soul, as they are part of her, part of her experience.

She wanted to help her adult child’s condition in this life, she had been very angry for years with a severe skin condition. The SC sought permission for remote healing, and confirmed she needed to release fear to experience freedom. The outer body peels away and she has to be strong and let go of fear regarding it. Be happy and step beyond it as only she can do that.

Further questions were answered by the Subconscious including karmic relationship questions where she found out that she was the son of her now son and he was the father in a previous past life.

She had successfully brought into this current life her healing abilities in speaking to help others and using colour therefore is on track in this life with her purpose.

The Subconscious gave her healing and said it was making the physical body strong and kept the energy flowing unobstructed around the organs of the body. The body is getting lighter and lighter the SC stated. Then some coloured energy came through Blue and then Dark Green and after some minutes Dark Purple.

She said she felt really good when guided to full awareness. I loved the way this wonderful lady was determined to be open and willing to commit to the experience even though she had emphasised concerns over the telephone twice as she booked the session and in her pre talk of possibly not being able to let go and go deep enough for the session. And then to discover so much about her souls journey and purpose even without an induction!

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