A young woman Kathleen arrived last week, recommended by her boyfriend and his sister that both took their Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy sessions with me last year. You’ll notice the natural beauty in which the story unfolds, this unfoldment of a QHHT journey is for me a good example of how being open and trusting of your personal experience from the start of your QHHT session leads and builds in detail and depth and in this case, element after element…

Kathleen had suffered from anxietyPTSD, bowel disease and repeated kidney infections and wanted to have a clearer understanding of her life purpose, and why she felt so anxious and disconnected from the world. She also spoke about being visited by aliens (Greys) in the night since childhood, and lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis were a regular occurrence for her.

The scene begins dark then red, there was some intense light, and she felt emotional, then red with dark shapes including circles in fire and feelings of being really hot, like the fire was dancing all around her. She saw a beach and black rocks and the sky, she said; “The red teases me and feels heavy, it’s dancing, red flows through everything, I feel connected to it. The black rock is part of a volcano, and my feet feel nice in the water”.

The scene turns white and she sees an eye, then the red again and tears as she said, “I do not want to be here”.

She went through a tunnel, it opened up under water and from underneath she could see boats floating above and fishing, lines being thrown in. She became very calm and at peace as she sunk down further away from the surface of the water and started to feel heavy as the water became dark. She felt connected with the water without a separate body,

“That’s really strong!” she said and became emotional, with the realisation of being the ocean.

“I am not scared, I am part of it.” She saw sunshine rippling on the surface, it was a really nice temperature. She continued to observe the boats and the fisherman’s hooks from this perspective. “It’s relaxing and calm, it just is… It’s everything… I am the water, the Spirit of water.” She sighed. “Trees are above me. I feel One. It feels really nice.” (Becomes emotional again).

She looked at an oak tree and smiled. She saw the tops of some old boats and the reflection of the trees.

The sky changed colour and became darker, and colder. The boats had gone, and it was peaceful. She smiled “The trees are dancing in the wind for me… I know them.” She cried, “Life is just breathing and I’m breathing with it too.” Clouds floated past in the dark night sky, and it started to rain. (She laughs.) “The sea is part of everything.”

Droplets appeared above. “Everything is moving but I am changing, I’m going up! The clouds are getting closer and it’s really nice, I’m going into the cloud, it’s less heavy. I can see birds going past now, a dove, a white bird. I’m looking at the trees from above, it feels like I know everything. I am not scared of anything because I just am. I am here. There’s bits of electricity around me, I don’t mind, it’s loud like thunder but I don’t mind.”

The sky starts to clear as it becomes lighter. She feels she is back in the water again, and sees the trees again. “I see red again… (Emotional) the trees are on fire, I don’t like it and I can’t do anything, the trees were my friends, the fire takes them away… I’m being blown now, I see little spirals, I feel really cool and lighter too. Green, blue colours, I’m going through everything now fast… I don’t care I just need to let go. I am everything! It feels wonderful!” (She was emotional in joy.)

“This body is limitless I can’t feel pain because there is no receptacle because I feel so wonderful! I just am. There’s lots of movement, back and forth, up and down and around. I can see the fire again… This time I feel like I am blowing around the fire. We are working together” Then she blows out through her mouth. “Its like I can be anything. It’s getting lighter, energy, life is just flowing its just breathing, I am just here and it is so amazing. It’s not trying to command me and I’m not trying to command it. I see a wave of white light dancing around me. I still see the trees. I still see the orbs moving in the sky. I can be in the trees or just in the ground. It just feels really good, this is like my home… “ Said with tears of emotion.

“A big bubble just went over me and moved me… There is something coming from the sky, dropping through the sky. It broke the clouds up and came through, I’m underneath it. It’s a red smoky sky and theres things dropping out of it. Things flying fast. I see a spaceship made of glass, its shiny, in dimensions I’ve never seen before, 3D and it’s coming down towards me. It opens up like a flower from the bottom of the spaceship, there are blue lights. They pull me up. She becomes emotional again.

“I have a different body with gold shoes,I’m carrying a stick with a crystal on the end, I feel strong, I feel like I want to go home. There are black things falling out of the sky, its like a war. There is a ship, but I feel like I need to stay, I need to help. But I want to go home, I feel like I don’t really know what to do. The ship looks really beautiful, and everything else is dark and not nice. I have long fingers, 4 of them! I feel like I’m the only one that’s here, there’s no-one like me. The crystal on my stick is pale blue I can put it in the ground and I can feel everything…”

This androgynous being researches and helps most of its time.

“I want to heal but theres a lot of bad things happening. I don’t know where I am. It feels like one of those things is going to fall on me.”

It then turns white everywhere and feels really good, this scene has transitioned into being with the light and reviewing what had happened in the life before.

“There are energies around me, I’m still, I don’t want to leave, its warm and safe. They’re talking to me, I talk about my life. I was happy to just be. I wanted to heal people but there were a lot of horrible things happening around me.”

I asked what was the learning?

“I just carry on, and didn’t need to let it effect me. I feel like I could tap into the energy of everything, not letting any bad go into me. I went into them and made it good and I feel like now somebody is giving me a big hug!”

The Subconscious spoke through her and offered further information about the learnings from the experience: Fire: Represented that she feels so angry sometimes. Water / Cloud / elements: “She can be part of everything. She can take something from each of those to help her. She needs to let go to feel connected to the natural world. Everything happens as its meant to happen, the cycle, she doesn’t need to worry. Everything is how it is meant to be. She knows.” Alien: ‘She has the ability now to heal. She always had that, she can start now. Just let go. She knows she’s powerful.” White Light: “She was with the Angels.

The Subconscious discussed her purpose,“Healing and making people happy, she has a lot of love and doesn’t know what to do with it. She needs to find a teacher to help her and meditate and just be in the now.”

When asked about the Alien visitations the Subconscious said, “We don’t want to frighten her, she gets scared about this. Nothing is going to hurt her, It’s happening for a reason. She just needs to meditate and be calm, not scared, They’re trying to help, and she needs to let them.”

She wanted to know why she felt so disconnected from reality, SC: “I think she already knows this, she gets stuck in the past or the future, stuck in something that is not in the now. She travels a lot. She needs to learn now how to not feel scared. Meditation and just being calm will help and we will help with this. She needs to trust herself.”

She wanted to know what to do with her lucid dreaming. The SC replied. “Creating, they are for her to learn to create and manifest. A tool to manifest and banish any bad and learn how to make good and be more lucid in her waking life and dreams.”

She had suffered from Anxiety much of her life and PTSD from childhood, bowel disease and kidney infections. The Subconscious gave information regarding the kidney infections. “Don’t try to fight it, don’t hold onto it. She holds on, feeding off energies and doesn’t know how to fight it. Just let it flow through, don’t fight it. She needs to protect herself and meditation will help her with this.”

The Subconscious confirmed it was giving healing to her stomach, and said, “Keep the hands clean, as they are her tools.” Energy rippled through her torso and chest as I observed the blanket rippling that covered her. “She needs to let go, let things flow.” Her chest was opened energetically because she had held onto a lot the SC said. “She needs to learn to breathe, open up and stay protected. Meditation will help her be more active with her body and find it easier to clear negativity and be more open to healing. She’ll notice these changes straight away.”

She was reminded to “Remember love!”

Feedback provided a few days later:

“When I arrived for my QHHT session I felt very anxious, but I left feeling the exact opposite. Natalie made me feel at ease right away, and I had the most beautiful, freeing experience, like nothing I was expecting. I left feeling totally calm and at one with everything. That night, I slept better than I had done in ages – no strange dreams or sleep paralysis which is something I’d been struggling with for a while. It’s been a day since I’ve had the session, and that feeling of calm and content is still very much present, I am looking forward to continuing my life’s journey with a new perspective and a new love for the world and all of its beauty. Thank you Natalie :)”

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