As an NLP / SI Life Coach it is easy to facilitate individuals to realise what they can do to take charge of their emotional state and choose how they want to be. Where necessary any emotional triggers from the past are released in the session, then processes and goals are focussed on going forwards.  This means change starts wth conscious realisations how you can apply yourself differently to create positive change and with repetition these conscious choices become a way of being in reality.

Hypnotherapy can be experienced in addition to utilising the personal development processes with your own personalised recording to play daily this works in additition to what has been established in the session and builds your own new chosen habits at a subconscious level.

The following testimonial is from a recent session, Natasha suffered anxiety for many years and this had effected her appetite to the extent she found it hard to eat. After a single session she really felt the changes that she implemented within 3 days made a great difference and she has since been able to eat and feel good. This is what she said;

“I came to see Natalie with a long term problem of anxiety, something I knew I needed to heal and gain control of. After a two hour session with her, I left feeling more positive and inspired. She gave me some great techniques and tips to focus on and repeat that I was able to practice at home. After three days they made a difference. I’m two weeks on from my hypnotherapy session and I feel more motivated and ready to move into a new phase of my life. Thank you so much Natalie for putting me onto this wonderful path!” – Natasha

Please contact me if you suffer from anxiety. I can offer a Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy for Anxiety appointment to help you.

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