Do you know what you’re here for? Yes, I’m asking the big question… Do you feel that you are on track in life in a way that feels empowering and good whilst contributing in a positive way to others?

What percentage of your days and week do you spend enjoying the experience of being you, whether that be in doing something or simply being?

How much of your day do you drop the mental mind chatter and stop polluting your present moment with worries and concerns?

Is there conflict in your life? Do you feel a soul connection to your partner but sense there is room for a deeper connection? Do you sense that you may well be able to discover another way of being that no matter what was said to you it wouldn’t matter because you know yourself and you just keep sending unconditional love?

What rituals and practice do you put into developing yourself and how you really want to be, what you would like to achieve? Do you meditate? What hobbies do you have or would like to have, that will add value to your life?

What percentage of your focus is based on what you can do v’s what you tell yourself you can’t do? Do you ever weigh up your emotions throughout the day, are you emanating more positive states of being or not? Do you exert more energy over habitual patterns of behaviour or in setting up a very clear image and positive intent in how and where you are heading in your life? Do you wonder about what you seem to attract and manifest in your life? Do you sense that you could well be influencing this? What do you think might happen to your results and ultimately your destiny in terms of projecting a positive mind set of acceptance and gratitude whilst taking action?

When you look back at this all (your life) from some distant future point… What advice would you give you now?

As a personal growth enthusiast I simply love supporting people in manifesting a life of clarity. When we fully let go of self sabotage behaviours and develop a healthy mindset we are very powerful beings – master manifestors! Personal development is assisted in leaps and bounds in a single 2 hours session of NLP combined with Advanced Hypnotherapy and the 3-4 hour session of Quantum Healing Hypnosis. In your session we can provide the space and energy to enable you to make the changes you really desire. If you are unsure as to what you really want – that too is a fantastic starting point for getting clear as your consciousness expands. The components of success are desire, belief and expectancy… I look forward to supporting you.

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