This photo was taken during a further level of training with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy founder, regressionist and author Dolores Cannon many years ago.

I first supported Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon with students training in Quantum Healing Hypnosis QHHT many years ago, and last year with Suzanne Spooner and this year with Kaya Wittenburg. The classes are full of awakened warm caring souls with the desire to facilitate individuals to discover more about their real selves and achieve personal and spiritual growth with this advanced method of discovery.

It was truly a pleasure and I was extremely busy answering so many questions and giving feedback. It was heart warming to hear how the contribution had been received by the students with lots of hugs and some also wrote on my facebook page, they really are so big hearted and full of appreciation as I took one week out from my Quantum Healing, Life Coaching and NLPHypnotherapy practice in Bournemouth, Dorset to assist.

I was also filmed for an opportunity with Gaia TV as a client myself having an enlightening and healing expereince with my own QHHT session and also again as the practitioner facilitating an amazing session, and again as I gave a recount of one of the life changing sessions a lady had recently which is listed under my testimonials. I await in anticipation of what will be shown. As my clients are comfortable with the fact that I keep their personal sessions private, so the Gaia TV expererience is an interesting one.

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