I was invited today to Bournemouth University to deliver a 45 minute talk about the processes I utilise in the treatment of trauma. The students were focussed on a project entitled ‘The contemporary treatment of trauma and mental health’. I detailed the benefits of NLP, Strategic Intervention Life Coaching in particular and what Advanced Hypnotherapy amd QHHT can offer to some as an alternative way of release.

Author: Natalie


As a qualified Advanced Hypnotherapist, a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner™, NLP Trainer and Strategic Intervention Life Coach Natalie Hall facilitates positive inner and outer life change with individuals, couples and groups. Specialising in elimination of psychological blocks, anxiety, paic attacks, fears, habits, PTSD and excess weight whilst creating clarity, empowered choices, confidence, joy and inner fulfilment in alignment with an individuals highest goals and desires. Additionally many people enjoy exploring more about themselves in a past life regression, also highlighting future progress choices with Quantum Healing Hypnosis (the Dolores Cannon method). There are indeed many doors to change, these sessions are dynamic leading to positive changes in the shortest possible time frames. If you are at a point of transition in your relationship, work and life get in touch for your consultation and discover more about yourself at a deeper level so you can rewrite your life story.

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