A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy experience.

The start of this QHHT session unfolds as a past life in a town within Italy. The weather was hot. The subject was a young woman of around 30 years of age, with elaborately styled hair wearing a brown dress and jewellery in her hair. She had rings on every finger and jewellery around her neck, with a lot of make up on, her body was very skinny. She held a scroll of paper. Looking and heading towards a church, she sees a priest that smiles as she walks in. She gives the paper to him. The priest reacts to seeing the paper. Then she walks out and leaves with a sense of relief, as her mission is accomplished. There is a boat waiting for her with 2 men one at the front and one at the back. She sits and relaxes fanning herself and holds an umbrella as it is so hot! The boat docks and the house is right there as she gets off. A man which seems to be the brother of the priest is there. There’s the impression that men are important, men do the important stuff. There is silence between this man and herself. She had just run an errand for him. She goes to a room where she sews, its pleasant but a little boring. She looks out of the window onto a well kept garden. The male gardener even has a bit of a temper, she’s not allowed to mess the garden up, but does spend her time walking the garden.

She eats with the family, the man mentioned earlier as the brother of the priest is her father. They eat from metal plates, there’s a fork but she pulls at the chicken with her fingers and vegetables that are also on the plate. It’s a big table with her brother to the right, mother to the left and father head of the table. He is angry, shouting and banging the table. “Here we go again” she thinks. He seems to be angry at the world! It’s not us, he is angry and it’s to do with the message he sent.

She has friends over to play. If you’re female you are not expected to get a job or do anything important. That’s just the upbringing.

Forwards in time is her wedding day, she’s unhappy as this was arranged by her father. She is angry. The groom isn’t even there at this point he’s gone off to have fun with other men, playing cards or something, and smoking cigars.

She argues with the groom and her opinion is irrelevant… They are upstairs and he tries to hold her wrists and her arms are up, with her hands close to her face. He pulls her closer trying to kiss her, she is in tears. she knew this was going to happen. Feels that nobody is on her side, if she told her father or brother they would be on his side. Its’s hopeless. There’s a sense that she thought she was in a loving family but is not. It’s about money, some sort of agreement with the arranged marriage. She gets the feeling of how can he ruin this beautiful dress as he throws her on the bed. He seems to have no sense of the beauty in this world and she wonders if he is just an animal? He is drunk, she pushes him off and he falls asleep. She opens the window, she is going to jump and then in the next moment is face down outside with her wedding dress on and now stands (in spirit) looking at her dead body laying there. There is learning here with a detached view of the life, and it was something about trust.

She then feels she moves 1000 miles per hour sideways not up, away over the countryside. Towards the person she really loves, to see him one last time. (He had been at the wedding in a posh suit.) He sits with a cigar and a large drink. He is in a posh house, but nowhere near as posh as the house she came from with the groom.

She feels a great sense of sadness… She dissipates off… And where her brain was is now a bright white ball of light which floats upwards and out of the house. Higher and higher, through the clouds. Its night time and can see the stars.

It is usual that in some cases between one and three past lives, future lives, current lives, or parallel lives are explored and in this case another experience emerges, one where there are aliens, biological robots, holding him down with his current life body in space. He’s about 40 years old so this was a over a decade ago. Each Grey has a job to do at a particular part of the body and limbs. Next he sees himself standing and floating backwards whilst still on the bench. Then going upwards. There’s a tunnel shaped to his form and there are others in the tunnel. The other side of the tunnel is a room and this is where he / they put their clothes on and he goes through a tunnel back to his flat in Ealing. It’s 2am back home he sees the time on his clock and goes back to sleep.

As with many Quantum Healing sessions there is a healing energy that works through the body and his body had been quivering during this, and I could see the quivering and lots of energy. Individuals feel good receiving the healing energy.

When speaking to the Subconscious directly the SC confirmed the learning from the life shown was indeed about Trust. To be careful whom you trust. The alien experience was shown to him for clarification. He like others had been used for reproduction. They take the DNA lots of times to produce children who will come back.

The Subconscious checked the body and confirmed that the physical body is fine and gave the message, “Don’t stop believing – The Time is Now. The time is coming of the meeting of the worlds.”

Shared with permission.

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