Whatever we repeat we become and whatever we resist persists.

The neural pathways in our brain are made up of the choices we have made and repeated with emotion. The great thing about us and our Subconscious mind is a new neural pathway can be considered like a new road being laid as it can develop and overtake the outdated habitual ones within 21 days.

Our ‘self talk’ plays a key role, and our emotions set or delete our motivation for change. Motivation is our fuel. Awareness provides renewed perspectives and choices are then enabled. New choices when repeated build new habits.

Truthfully there are little limitations to our potential.

The 2 hour sessions of NLP with Advanced Hypnotherapy with your own personal recording enable habit changes in a short space of time. Usually between 2 and 4 sessions. I offer these sessions on a 1-to-1 basis in Bournemouth, Dorset & via Skype.

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