All Sessions are via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime or Skype video: natalieshall and in person out of lockdown.

Strategic Intervention Life Coaching with NLP

Facilitated by Natalie qualified NLP Trainer, SI Life Coach and Advanced Hypnotherapist Natalie regularly takes the latest courses in personal development and advanced processes since first qualifying in 2004 to today. Personal shifts and positive change happen within the initial session, with the addition of daily practices offered to you to further support your personal growth and goal achievement.

1 hour session: £95.00

Advanced Hypnotherapy with NLP

Combined Advanced Hypnotherapy with NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming) Time Line and Strategic Intervention in addition to the latest Personal Growth Processes. Your session may include your personalised hypnotherapy recording. Change is created on your first session with any optional follow ups to support the changes made. Building awareness and release of outdated emotional triggers from the past, this sometimes includes inner child therapy in cases of PTSD. The sessions are confidential, deeply healing, enjoyable leaving a sense of relief and empowerment.

The initial 1.5 hours session: £140

2 hours £185 

Follow up appointments: 1 hour: £95

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™ The Dolores Cannon method.
These sessions are always facilitated in person on a one to one basis. QHHT includes the Recording of your session; Past Life Regression / Future Life Progression / Answers to your Questions from the Subconscious / Higher Self and Healing.

Upon booking your session payment is a bank transfer, I will then send you a hypnotherapy recording to play daily until your QHHT session, this will get you used to relaxing to my voice, visualising and sensing and connecting with your Subconscious. I will also send you a Coaching Document to support your personal development and notice the areas requiring more focus.

3.5 hours to 4 hours approximately one off unique single session: £500

Please get in touch by email for any further information.

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