Do you have to remember things from your past in order to recover from a concern?

Not necessarily, there are different and varied methods within NLP, SI Life Coaching and Advanced Hypnotherapy. In QHHT it is the client’s Subconscious that chooses the most appropriate time and place for review and understanding. Sometimes this is in a past life regression, or a current life regression, a parallel life realisation, other energetic expereinces or a future life progression.

What should I do in preparation for my QHHT session?

Please wear comfortable clothes, warm socks, have an open mind and bring a list of 5 to 6 of your life questions for discussion, the first hour to an hour and a half is dedicated to you talking about your life experiences with Natalie, any problems you would like to release, what you would like to learn more about and what you really would like to have happen in your life. The unique induction follows, leading into your inner journey, Natalie then asks your questions to the Subconscious to receives your answers. This is recorded for you and sent to you via Dropbox or Hightail, alternatively you are welcome to bring your own USB stick. The Subconscious does a body scan and many have reported healing. This is all experienced in safety and in comfort and is totally confidential, you will feel wonderful after your session of Quantum Healing Hypnosis.
It is good practice to meditate ahead of your QHHT Session however not necessary.

What should I do in preparation for my Strategic Intervention Life Coaching, NLP or Advanced Hypnotherapy session?

You can wear comfortable clothes and focus on what you would like to achieve from your session.

What happens if I have to rearrange or cancel my appointment.

If you find that once you have booked your session that you need to change the date or anything at all, please allow 24 hours notice at the very least to not incur a charge of £40. These sessions are longer in duration than is standard and this way those that need the sessions the soonest can get the support required. Thank you.

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